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"From Cotutelles to Joint Programmes - Challenges and Opportunities"

21-23 September 2021

Dear participants,

you are heartily welcome to our staff week "From Cotutelles to Joint Programmes - Challenges and Opportunities" within the YERUN project Link EDU-RES.

As  you know, we decided to hold the event in a blended format due to the ongoing Covid circumstances. We are very happy to share all your expertise from Torun to Madrid and from Rom to Limerick in the virtual space. Let's work together for three days in the endeavour to develop further ideas leading towards joint programmes on the doctoral level between different European universities.

If you have any technical problems during the Staff Week, please contact the following emergency number:
+ 49 421 218 60368

You will join the main meeting room via Zoom using the following link:

Meeting-ID: 955 0750 7561

Kenncode: 972964

Please note that all cameras and mics will be muted at the beginning. We kindly ask you to keep your microphone muted but invite you to use your camera so that we all get a picture of each other. Please state questions and remarks in the chat. A colleague will forward the contributions to the whole audience.

For your working group on Day 3, we send you a separate Zoom link by e-mail for the group you have chosen. Make sure that you will return to the main meeting room after the break for the closing discussion.

Below you will find a brief schedule of all three days, for the complete programme, please open the PDF. To read more on our objectives, please visit our main website, where you can also find a list of speakers and hosts.

Studierende in der Cafeteria des GW 2.

Brief programme for online participation

 9:30 am

Welcome speech

 9:45 amGetting to know each other - poll and questions 
10:00 amKeynote 1 VISION 
10:45 amCoffee Break
11:00 amKeynotes 2 (Legal) Framework
12:00 pm

Lunch break

 2:00 pm

Round Table Discussion I

 3:00 pmEnd of Day 1
 10:00 am

Welcome and start of the hybrid programme of day 2

10:05 am

International Doctoral Education:

Insights from Graduate School and Doctoral Programmes 

11:15 amCoffee Break
11:30 am'Deep Partnership' Approach to Joint Doctoral Programmes
12:00 pm

Lunch break

 2:00 pm

Round Table Discussion II

 3:00 pmEnd of Day 2
 9:30 am

Working Groups -

Please note: the working groups have separate Zoom links.

Working Group 1 “The Future of Doctoral Supervision. How do we support good supervision across institutions and borders?”  will meet on campus only.

Working Group 2 “Marrying top-down and bottom-up: Achieving organically grown cooperation at the doctoral level”
Meeting ID: 969 1228 7239
Passcode: 571891

Cooperation at the level of doctoral education develops in different ways. On the one hand, it can grow organically by partners with matching research interests finding themselves and wanting to collaborate. The typical co-tutelles are one example of this bottom-up type of collaboration agreements. Often, they require massive administrative management, as each contract may have to be negotiated separately.
At the same time, at the institutional level, framework agreements and joint programmes can be established, like for example within the YERUN network. Different challenges arise in this situation where collaboration is stimulated in a top down process in order to create a binding framework of procedural patterns: How to get researchers’ buyin? How to streamline the frameworks according to different legal and organizational conditions? How to find reliable partners with whom to collaborate?
More details in the full programme.

Working Group 3 "Integrating mobility into different formats of doctoral education”
Meeting ID: 951 3708 8590
Passcode: 434713

If we recognise the vision of a European Research Area with free circulation of researchers, knowledge, technology, and innovation, how might we embed mobility for new researchers as part of their doctoral education? The aspiration for cross-border mobility and greater internationalization of doctoral education offers the prospect of building diverse research teams, driving impactful knowledge exchange, multilateral collaborations, and brain circulation to solve our global challenges. Doctoral candidates versed in working across institutions and across country borders can be a source of innovation and attract research income for their institutions. Mobility for doctoral candidates allows them to discover new settings and gain exposure to new actors and contacts, manifesting higher levels of student satisfaction and enabling timely completion rates. However - we also know that mobility in doctoral education is administratively, logistically, financially, and sometimes even culturally difficult to implement and operationalise. The format of the doctoral education and the differences in award conditions across institutions can appear incompatible and create barriers to exchange. This Staff Week Working Group aims to facilitate discussion between participants to clearly demarcate the challenges to mobility. Secondly, we will think forward to some of the solutions and new ideas to work across different formats of doctoral education, and to conceptualise innovative training to promote mobility and circulation of research talent.

11:15 amCoffee Break
11:30 am

Closing Discussion

Please make sure to use the main Zoom meeting link again.


12:30 pm

End of Day 3

Marktplatz, Rathaus, Dom, Bürgerschaft

Bremen is wonderful.

Get to know the charming Hanseatic city of Bremen in a short video and be inspired.

Meet the Stars of Bremen like the famous Bremen Town Musicians, the Town Hall (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and many more.

Eine Gruppe von Studierenden sitzt auf dem Boden vor der Glashalle.

The University of Bremen was founded 50 years ago.

1971 built in the green meadows on the rim of the city, the Campus is today a fully integrated part of Bemen with companies, residences and shops in the vicinity. However, you can still reach the relaxing nature easily. We invite you to have a short walk to get to know some of the campus buildings and facilities.