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Welcome to YERUN Events at the University of Bremen!

As a member of the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN), the University of Bremen regularly hosts, organizes and takes part in YERUN events.

Please see below for an overview of current and past YERUN events.

group of doctoral candidates

Link EDU-RES Summer School in Essex 22.-26.08.2022

Three doctoral candidates from Bremen University took part

35 participants on campus and 15 online met for the Summer School for Transferable Skills at the University of Essex presented by the Erasmus+-project Link EDU-RES in the last week of August 2022. Workshops on various topics from self-motivation to designing your R&D project helped the doctoral candidates from the project partners and further universities from the YERUN network to enhance their skills and knowledge. The participants very much valued the chance to network and share their research findings and interests among each other for future collaborations.

"This summer school program at the University of Essex, organized by YERUN, has broadened my research horizon in two essential ways. First, it is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice various academic skills such as communication, self-management, well-being, organizational leadership, and project management, all of which I believe are essential elements of a successful academic career. Second, I had the opportunity to interact intensively with Ph.D. students from other European universities from various disciplines. We could exchange research ideas and perspectives from various academic backgrounds and learn from one another. I would strongly recommend other students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hone their research skills." Tenzin Yeshi, PhD candidate at Faculty 7, University of Bremen

Link EDU-RES multiplier event 2 Brussels
June 15, 2022: Multiplier Event within the Link EDU-RES Project

As one of the final events of the project, the Multiplier Event in Brussels disseminated the project's outputs with particular emphasis on Output 2 (Guidelines for Developing and Running Joint Programmes at Doctorate Level) and  took the discussion on joint programmes at doctoral level further with a special focus on the developing European University alliances like YUFE and other networks.

We invited representatives of organisations, associations or networks that have themselves priority actions on education collaboration and have exchanges of students and collaboration programmes at doctorate level. About 50 participants on site and up to 60 virtual participants discussed the outputs of our project and where we stand on our way towards a closer European collaboration at doctoral level. Look here for a short retrospect.

Staff Week: "From Cotutelles to Joint Programmes – Challenges and Opportunities"

As part of the YERUN and Erasmus+ project Link EDU-RES, this Staff Week brought together and connected university members involved with or interested in the administration and initiation of joint programmes at the doctoral level. Organised in a hybrid format and with more than 50 participants, the Staff Week focused on the legal and institutional framework relevant to establishing various forms of international collaboration, from cotutelles to international graduate programmes and joint degrees. It offered the opportunity to discuss the vision behind joint programmes and opportunities both for institutions and for individuals.

YERUN General Assembly and Staff Training "Entrepreneurship and Employability"

The University of Bremen hosted the YERUN General Assembly and Staff Training "Entrepreneurship and Employability" in 2018. Please find information on the programme and photos of the event on the following pages.

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