4th MAPEX Early Career Researcher Workshop

Within the 4th Early Career Researcher Workshop (formerly named Young Scientist Workshop) on May the 11th, 50 young scientist met in the TAB building to present and discuss their work and contribution to MAPEX. Beside three keynote presentations from Gerrit Dumstorff (FB1, IMSAS), Nils Ellendt (IWT, SFB1232) and Andrea Kirsch (FB2, CKfS) 20 master students, PhD candidates, and postdocs gave a short view on their work in a lightning presentation followed up by poster sessions. “It is interesting and exciting to see, what people are dealing with in their daily scientific work and how they actually define scientific work”, said one of the participants. Another participant praised the relaxed atmosphere, where‚ Master students, PHDs and Postdocs get together. A highlight of the workshop was the last presentation “Processes at fluid interfaces” by Mark Avila. The new Head of the ZARM gave an exciting insight into the scientific work of his group. The workshop finally ended in the city with a slightly different presentation: A night watchman lead the participants through the old city of Bremen, telling stories about the city by walking from the marketplace over the Schlachte to the Schnoor Viertel. Alltogether the workshop was again a successful event which will be continued in autumn with the 5th workshop, where people from industry will meet the MAPEX Early Career Researchers.

Building bridges across the boarders defined by the faculties and institutes.

The workshop aims to bring together Early Career Researchers (PhD and MSc candidates, post-docs) from the University of Bremen and surrounding institutions who would like to find out more about ongoing research activities in the field of materials science. The workshop will comprise one plenary talk and presentations by MAPEX early career investigators who will highlight different aspects of the MAPEX research landscape. The participating PhD and MSc candidates will have the opportunity to present their research in poster presentations, accompanied by short oral "lightning presentations". The poster sessions will provide plenty of time for discussions in order to connect participants from different areas of MAPEX. After a day full of scientific insights, the day will close with a social event.

The 4th MAPEX Early Career Researcher Workshop contains...

  • to get in touch with peers, build up your own network of experts,
  • learn from others, think outside the box,
  • open doors to other experts - become aware of the huge potential for mutual support that you can access on the short way,
  • develop ideas for cooperative research projects.


Detailed program of the workshop [PDF] (84 KB)