Impulses for Interdisciplinary Research Projects

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes invites all MAPEX members to apply for funding that is especially dedicated to the initiation of new interdisciplinary collaborations between two or more MAPEX members from at least two different disciplines and groups.

For a successful application, a strong interdisciplinary character of the project is essential as well as a clear connection to current topics within the MAPEX research landscape. It is the declared aim of this funding scheme to establish and foster new internal cooperation within the MAPEX community, across the borders of the faculties and institutes. Preparatory projects for proposals within the coordinated DFG programs can also be funded.

Proposals can be submitted at any time.


Consortia consisting of two or more MAPEX members (Principal Investigator or Early Career Investigator) from at least two different disciplines (chemistry, physics, production engineering, mathematics, geoscience, material science) and at least two different research groups can apply. Preference will be given to projects which initiate not previously existing collaborations.

Upon successful submission of a pre-proposal to one of the coordinated DFG funding programs, the designated coordinator can apply for funding of explorative work in connection with the preparation of a full proposal.


Funding up to 8000 € per project is available for activities that can be concluded within a period of one year and that, for any formal reason, can not be funded within the funding schemes of the Central Research Development Fund (01 Impulse Grants) or Excellence Initiative (M8 Post-Doc Initiative PLUS). When resources are limited, preference will be given to applications submitted by young researchers (ECIs) and applicants who have not yet been recipients of a MAPEX Impulse Grant. Proposals with connection to projects with third-party funding that are already running can not be funded.

Upon completion of the project and not later than one year after the start of the project, the consortium must provide a short written report (2-5 pages). Depending on the proposed duration of the project, a mid-term report is required.

The support for the preparation of a full proposal within one of the coordinated DFG programs is bound to the successful submission of a preproposal. Depending on the type of proposal, the funding is limited to a maximum of

  • 25 000 € for a Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich);
  • 20 000 € for a Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg);
  • 15 000 € for a Research Unit (Forschergruppe);
  • 10 000 € for a Priority Program (Schwerpunktprogramm).


Applications need to be submitted in electronic form (see below) to the MAPEX executive
committee, represented by its Scientific Manager, Dr. Hanna Lührs.

It is recommended to already contact the MAPEX Scientific Manager in the planning stage of
the proposal in order to discuss the suitability of the project and the availability of funding.

A commission appointed by the MAPEX executive committee will decide whether to fund the
proposal or not, depending on the scientific qualification of the candidates, the quality of the
proposed project and availability of funding.

The result of the proposal assessment and the amount of granted funds will be communicated
to the applicants within one month from the proposal receipt.


Please create a single PDF document comprising the following documents:

  1. Text of the proposal not exceeding three A4 pages, including a detailed list of the expected project costs. Describe how the interdisciplinary project will benefit the participating groups and the entire MAPEX community. Outline why the project can not be funded within the funding schemes of the University’s Central Research Development Fund (01 Impulse Grants) or Excellence Initiative (M8 Post-Doc Initiative PLUS).
  2. A signed declaration that
    a. The candidates agree to adhere to the standard rules of good scientific practice, as set for instance by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
    b. In case of publication of results obtained during project, funding through the MAPEX research grant will be explicitly acknowledged.
  3. If applicable, the pre-proposal submitted to the DFG.

Only the applications which comply with the formal rules will be considered for funding.

Complete applications need to be submitted per email to:

Dr. Hanna Lührs,,