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New Ways: How the University of Bremen approaches high potentials

In the frame of the very first MINT student competition held by the University of Bremen in cooperation with the Hans Riegel Foundation, 30 teams from upper secondary school in Bremen submitted their project work in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The prizewinners were selected by jury of scientists from the University. The attractive Dr. Ing. Hans Riegel...

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Key component of the energy transition: A new research group called “Power Electronics”.

The use of wind energy is a success story in Germany – and that is not least to due to excellent research, including from the University of Bremen. This is now being further strengthened: With a grant of 1.5 million euros, the University is setting up a new research group for the high-performance electronics in use with wind turbines.

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Discourse and driving force: 30 years of Bremen University Talks

Whether teacher training, artificial intelligence or the future of industrial production: The Bremen University Talks – BUG for short – make a decisive contribution to prompting debate on socially relevant topics. This year, the event which is organized jointly by the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, the University of Bremen and the friends of the University association, unifreunde, took...

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Campus Stories

It’s the people who research, teach, work and study here that make the University of Bremen so special. When you get to know the University better, you often hear and read about the so-called “Bremen Spirit”. But what is behind this expression? From now on, under the heading “Campus Stories” we will be portraying the people that bring the campus alive. Meet the University of Bremen!

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The Teacherman

When Soner Uygun was a pupil at elementary school, he did not have one male teacher. Also in the first 2 years of secondary education, only women were in charge of classes. It wasn’t until his third year of secondary school that two male teachers eventually showed up. Today, Soner Uygun is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational...

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