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Bremen’s Senator for the Economy, Martin Günthner, Visits the University of Bremen

Today, three young start-up companies presented themselves at the University of Bremen. The university initiative “BRIDGE—start ups from Bremen's universities” had invited Bremen's Senator for the Economy, Labor and Ports, Martin Günthner, to attend the presentations on the University campus.

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Plants Are Capable of Having Three “Parents”

The ultimate goal pursued by all living things on our planet is reproduction. In order to secure offspring, it is not unusual for the males of the species to produce huge amounts of sperm cells. While this strategy increases the likelihood of fertilization, it also carries the risk of an egg merging with more than one sperm cell. This process, known as polyspermia, is usually fatal in...

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Chilean Ambassador Pays a Visit to the Marine Sciences

The growing threat to marine ecosystems from humans calls on all coastal communities to develop a stronger awareness of the consequences of climate change on marine life. With 6,400 kilometers of Pacific coastline, from the subtropics to the Antarctic and Easter Island, Chile is an important natural laboratory for international marine research. On October 10, 2017, the conference “Ocean...

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Campus Stories

It’s the people who research, teach, work and study here that make the University of Bremen so special. When you get to know the University better, you often hear and read about the so-called “Bremen Spirit”. But what is behind this expression? From now on, under the heading “Campus Stories” we will be portraying the people that bring the campus alive. Meet the University of Bremen!

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The Computer Scientist

Kerstin Schill, a Professor for Cognitive Neuroinformatics at the University of Bremen, was recently elected to the Senate of the German Research Foundation for a second term. In this highest body of research funding and self-administration in science, she represents the field of informatics for the whole of Germany. She must have done an extremely...

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