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Exzellente Forschung: EU vergibt vier ERC-Grants an Uni Bremen

Der ERC Consolidator Grant ist eine der profiliertesten und begehrtesten Ausschreibungen für Forscherinnen und Forscher in ganz Europa. Gleich viermal ging die Auszeichnung jetzt an die Universität Bremen. Die Projekte der Professorinnen Rita Groß-Hardt (Biologie) und Rebbeka von Mallinckrodt (Geschichte) sowie der Professoren Andreas Fischer-Lescano (Rechtswissenschaft) und Carsten Lutz...

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New Insights into Black Holes

Black holes are surprisingly straightforward celestial bodies: They can be characterized simply on the basis of their mass, their rotation, and their electrical charge. Now Norman Gürlebeck, a researcher at the University of Bremen’s Centre of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM), has managed to prove the amazing simplicity of black holes in complex astrophysical situations....

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New Campus Building: University of Bremen Inaugurates the MARUM Pavilion

The University of Bremen is richer by a new building – and one of striking architectural design: The MARUM Pavilion belonging to the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences. Over the years, MARUM – one of the world’s leading institutes in marine research – has been constantly growing until it was literally bursting at its seams. The additional rooms are very necessary.

Shortly, a total...

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Did you know …the IG handicap?

We haven’t heard that before. This “Did you know …?” article features a smooth running student advisory service – but the two interview partners wish to remain anonymous: no names, no photos. “That could subconsciously awaken...

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