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Three Men on the glacier

In Search of Extraterrestrial Life

The University of Bremen is participating in a major research project to develop techniques for navigating in deep ice. The aim is to prepare a space mission to search for extraterrestrial life on the Saturn moon called Enceladus. Under its several-kilometer-thick ice cover, Enceladus houses a global watery ocean. An autonomously navigating ice-melting probe is to locate, drill, collect...

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New Trust Foundation: Bremen Citizen’s Pro-Active Commitment to the University

The University of Bremen has gained another trust foundation. Dr. Heino Rose, a retired specialist for internal medicine and gastroenterology, wants to support teaching and research projects at the University.
This is the fifth sheltered foundation to be founded under the umbrella of the university. In expressing his gratitude, the University’s Director of Finances and Administration,...

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Carina Schmitt is awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Carina Schmitt, Professor of Global Social Policy at SOCIUM, has been selected for one of the coveted ERC starting grants awarded by the European Research Council. The European Research Council will be funding her research with almost 1.5 million euro. “I am very happy about this award. It will enable me to implement an exciting project in the great research environment here at the...

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Campus Stories

It’s the people who research, teach, work and study here that make the University of Bremen so special. When you get to know the University better, you often hear and read about the so-called “Bremen Spirit”. But what is behind this expression? From now on, under the heading “Campus Stories” we will be portraying the people that bring the campus alive. Meet the University of Bremen!

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The Economist

When Maria Kristalova talks about her research work, she easily gets carried away. A doctoral student of Professor Jutta Günther in the Faculty of Economics, at the moment Maria is full of anticipation. Not only is she excited about finishing her dissertation, but also because a great event is approaching. She has been selected by a jury as one of...

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