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Gruppenbild mit vier Frauen und fünf Männern.

Verleihung des Bremer Studienpreises 2014

Wissenschaft wird in Bremen großgeschrieben. Um den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs zu fördern, wurde nun im Rathaus vor mehr als 100 Gästen der Bremer Studienpreis 2014 verliehen. Sechs Absolventinnen und Absolventen der Universität Bremen wurden geehrt. Die Gesellschaft der Freunde der Universität Bremen und der Jacobs University Bremen („unifreunde“) zeichnete vier hervorragende...

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Young woman reading the yearbook of the University of Bremen

“Half-time as a University of Excellence” – The University of Bremen’s new Yearbook

The University of Bremen’s new Yearbook is now available – a colorful bright yellow edition, studded with post-its and inspiring slogans. This year’s feature topic is “Half-time as a University of Excellence”, because it is now two and a half years since the Bremen University became officially allowed to bear the title “University of Excellence”. The period of extra funding financed by...

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Man in the Antarctica behind a life-size melting probe

First Completely Untouched Water Sample Taken from Antarctica

Throughout history, humans have speculated whether life exists elsewhere in the universe. The watery oceans lying under the thick ice crusts on some of the moons in our solar system may well be able to provide clues to the answer. To find out, scientists must first get hold of some pure untouched water samples. The small Saturn moon Enceladus is very promising in this respect: it is...

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Two female students looking a colorful stickers.

Did you know …the IG handicap?

We haven’t heard that before. This “Did you know …?” article features a smooth running student advisory service – but the two interview partners wish to remain anonymous: no names, no photos. “That could subconsciously awaken...

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