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Town with wind mills in Backraound

University of Bremen Coordinates Pioneering Energy in the Town of Heide

The North German town of Heide in the district of Dithmarschen is playing a pioneering role in future-oriented energy technology. The neighborhood Rüsdorfer Kamp has been chosen for the development of a highly efficient heat and power supply. The aim is to achieve near complete utilization of renewable energy, and especially those amounts of wind energy that are currently lost owing to...

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An aircraft in the sky

Aircraft Measures the Impact of Air Pollution on European Cities

HALO, a research aircraft belonging to the German Aerospace Center, is currently being deployed over several European conurbations, where chemists and atmosphere physicists are using it to measure the impact air pollution over urban centers exerts on the Earth’s atmosphere. The abbreviation HALO stands for “High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft”. Its route takes in cities from...

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University Launches Online Consultation Process for “Strategy 2018 to 2028”

How and in what direction should the University of Bremen develop going forward? What goals should it pursue? What values does it stand for? In answer to these and similar questions, the university leadership has drafted an initial ten-year strategy proposal for the whole institution. All students and employees of the University now have the opportunity to comment on its contents in the...

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Two men and one woman looking at children's books

Did you know? …the Storybook Library in GW2

Over 1,600 illustrated story books fill the shelves here, carefully arranged according to subject. You can visit the Storybook Library in building GW2, room B 2090, Mondays through Fridays from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.

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