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Die Bremer Rentnerband „NeverTooLate“

Students Project: Exercise for the ‘68 Generation

Members of the 1968 generation, known in Germany as the ‘68ers, are now getting on in years and need to keep fit.  A project involving students of sport at the University of Bremen has come up with some innovative ideas to keep the 50-plus generation moving and join in physical exercise: Disco music to get the children of rock and pop culture back into the swing of things. They have even...

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Luftbild der Uni

Millions of Funding for Project to Develop New Study Programs

The University of Bremen has scored a success in a competition launched by the German Government and the Federal States called “Social Mobility via Education: Open Universities”. Its project proposal bearing the title “konstruktiv – Anchoring a consequent orientation to new target groups at the University of Bremen” impressed the jury to such an extent that it was agreed to grant the...

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ZARM Wissenschaftler Dr.-Ing. Benny Rievers gemeinsam mit COSPAR-President Giovanni Bignami und COPSAR Bureau Member Lev Zelenyi auf der Bühne

ZARM Researcher Receives International Award

He explained the Pioneer anomaly. This exceptional scientific achievement has now earned a coveted international award for Dr.-Ing. Benny Rievers from the University of Bremen’s Center of Space Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM). He was selected for this honor by the Russian Academy of Science, who awarded him the Zeldovich Medal in the category “Fundamental Physics”.

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Theaterszene, Mann steht auf Stuhl

Did you know? … Theater der Versammlung – a theatrical meeting between education, science and art.

“My name is Gerhard Messinger and I sweat profusely.” The audience holds their breath when, after precariously balancing on a chair, actor Max Konek eventually utters these words. They are observing a fictitious seminar for...

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