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Postgraduate Position/Junior Researcher

1 full Postgraduate Position / Junior Researcher
at the Collaborative Research Center
SFB 1320 Everyday Science and Engineering,
Universität Bremen
Project P01 Mining and Explicating Instructions for Everyday Activities.
-Under the condition of job release / reference number: A188/17

Project Description:
Despite the seeming ease with which humans perform everyday activities such as, for example, (un)loading a dishwasher or setting the table, mastery of everyday activities by artificial cognitive agents has yet to be achieved. By focusing on the simulation of textually described activities, the aim of this project is to facilitate building artificial cognitive agents that master complex human-scale understanding of vaguely specified instructions. To this end project work will apply semantic processing techniques coupled with virtual simulations. A particular focus of the project will be on simulating everyday activities to find appropriate parametrizations for various everyday activities. Here the information explicated from textual instructions serves as input to be simulated in existing simulation environments.

Applicants should have expertise in computer science / artificial intelligence and simulation engines and should hold a master or diploma degree in computer science. They should be committed to interdisciplinary, team-based research and be fluent in spoken and written English.
Ideally, an applicant will also have knowledge of / interest in one or more of the following areas:; semantic processing; 3D simulation. Additional training and supervision of a doctoral thesis will be provided on the job.

Main Tasks:

  • Contributing to the development of simulation environments for everyday activities.
  • Creating interfaces to semantic parsers.
  • Planning and conducting exploratory studies and evaluations.
  • Preparing manuscripts for publication in international journals / at conferences.

Conditions of Employment:
Salary is according to the German Federal pay scale (TV-L 13). The position is available as soon as possible until the end of June 2021.

As the University of Bremen intends to increase the proportion of female employees in science, women are particularly encouraged to apply.

In case of equal personal aptitudes and qualification, disabled persons will be given priority.

Applicants with a migration background are welcome.

Please address questions about the position and send your application under the reference number until October 5th, 2017 to:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka
Digital Media Lab
Universität Bremen
28334 Bremen / Germany
Or via mail :

For a paper-based application, please make sure to only send document copies as all received application material will be destroyed after the selection process.

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