Stefan Stolte, Dr. habil.

Head of department

Room UFT 2050

Tel. 0049-412-218-63370

Fax. 0049-421-218-9863370


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Research Interests

  • Prospective and retrospective hazard assessment
  • Biodegradation and (eco)toxicity testing of chemicals
  • Structure-activity relationships
  • Analytics
  • Biotic and abiotic degradation pathways, metabolite formation and identification
  • Wastewater treatment / Advanced oxidation processes

Tabular Resume

12.10.1977 Born in Bremen, Germany
1999-2004 Studies of Chemistry at the University of Bremen, Germany
11/ 2000 Intermediate Diploma
10/ 2004 Final Diploma
2005-2007 Industry-University research fellowship and preparation of a Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bernd Jastorff Title: "Design of ionic liquids with a reduced hazard potential for man and the environment"
2007-2009 Postdoctoral research in the department Process Integrated Waste Minimization of Prof. Dr Ing. Jorg Thöming; Team leader of the section Sustainable Chemistry at the UFT
2009-2010 Employed as experienced researcher in Poland (6 months, University of Gdańsk) and Spain (6 months, non-profit research organization “Fundación Tekniker”) within the EU program “Marie Curie Actions - Networks for Initial Training (ITN)” and the project “MINILUBES - Mechanisms of interactions in nano-scale of novel ionic lubricants with functional surfaces”
Since 2010 Principal investigator of the department Sustainable Chemistry at the UFT
Since 2011 Member of the managing board of the UFT
Since 2011 Deputy Managing Director of the non-profit University-spin-off company “Sustainable Technology”
Since 2012 Visiting Professor at the Institute for Environmental and Human Health Protection (University of Gdańsk, Poland). Department “Environmental analysis”
2013 Six-month research and teaching period at the University of Gdańsk in the frame of an Alexander von Humboldt Honorary Research Fellowship
2013 Receiving a tenure‐track position at the University Bremen (Faculty Production Engineering)
2014 Habilitation at the University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Chemistry. Title: “Proactive hazard assessment and structural design of inherently safer ionic liquids”)


Since 2010 Stefan Stolte has been the principal investigator of the Department of “Sustainable Chemistry”, he was appointed to the managing board of the Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT) in 2011.                                                                                                      
His research is dedicated to the design of chemicals and processes with higher intrinsic safety and sustainability; hence, the determination of structure-activity relationships, the assessment of toxicological and ecotoxicological effects make up the core of his research. Such assessments of chemicals are performed in both directions, prospectively and retrospectively, and are predominantly carried out in close collaboration with users and distributors of chemicals in order to optimize the applied chemical products and processes. Such assessment is based on applying an ecotoxicological test battery that contains a variety of in vitro and in vivo (screening) assays at different levels of biological organization and complexity as well as in different environmental compartments. His research interests cover different environmental and emerging pollutant such as liquid organic hydrogen carriers (a type of PAH), pharmaceutical, ionic liquids, nanoparticles and transition metal complexes.

 At present his group includes four postdoctoral scientists, four PhD students and two technicians. It is worth mentioning that he maintains the group without any budget from the University and that all personnel and material expenses are financed by third-party funds (total funding amounts to > 2 000 000 €). His performed environmental science and teaching is strongly connected to the University of Gdańsk.Since 2009, he supported more than 60 exchanges of students and experienced researchers between both groups leading to several research theses (bachelor, master, PhD) and joint publications. On the basis his commitment to research and teaching he obtained the post of visiting Professor at the University of Gdańsk and he was awarded with the FNP „Alexander von Humboldt Honorary Research Fellowship“ that honours “excellent research and to support the extension of Polish-German scientific cooperations”.