Robin Kemmerich, M.Sc.

Portraitfoto von Robin Kemmerich

Research Assistant

Psychology, M.Sc.


University of Bremen

Mary-Somerville-Str. 3, Room 3.3240

28359 Bremen

Phone: 0421/218-68663

E-Mail: robin.kemmerichprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

  • Processes in Neurophysiological Development
since 2017

Research Assistant / University of Bremen

Project: Bremen Initiative to Foster Early Childhood Development

2012-2017M.Sc. in Psychology


Research paper

  • Römer, P., Gómez Putzer, A., Kemmerich, R., Mathes, B. (2021). "Effects of Prenatal Electronic Cigarette Exposure On Foetal Development: a Review of the Literature“; Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde 2021; 81(11): 1224-1237. 10.1055/a-1524-5155 [OPEN ACESS]


  • Römer, P., Kemmerich, R., Petermann, F., Zierul, C. (2019). Alcohol and nicotine consumption during pregnancy: Prevalence and additional risc factors. Poster presentation at the congress of developmental and pedagogical psychology in Leipzig, Germany.
  • Römer, P., Kemmerich, R., Petermann, F., Mathes, B., Zierul, C. (2019). Prevalence of alcohol and nicotine consumption in the first trimester of pregnancy and additional risk factors. Poster presentation at the first BRISE-conference on early childhood development in Berlin, Germany.

Scientific presentation

  • Mathes, B., Wienke, A. S., Kiel, N., Wastl, F. L., Kemmerich, R., Macha, T., Kröger, H. (2022). Recruitment strategies targeting young families with socio-economic and cultural challenges. 52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society, September 10-15, 2022, Hildesheim, Germany.