BRISE - Bremen Initiative to Foster Early Childhood Development (BRISE)

Der türkise Farbkleck "BRISEL" mit dem Schriftzug " BRISE - Bremer Initiative zur Stärkung frühkindlicher Entwicklung"


Doctorate completed

22. November 2023

Congratulations to Pia Römer for the completion of her doctorate!

EPSY 2023, Berlin, Germany

September 2023

Dr. Ulrike Frischen & Dr. Annika Wienke, among others, organized with other consortium partners a symposium on the influence on & risk factors of early childhood development. Poster contributions illustrated media usage in early childhood.

buten un binnen (Radio Bremen)

July 31, 2023

Short report on the child scheme with contributions by BRISE (in German).

2nd BRISE conference, Berlin, Germany

June 19-20, 2023

The „Second International BRISE conference on Early Childhood Development“ took place in Berlin, Germany. Keynote speakers were Prof. Pauline Slot (The Netherlands) and Prof. Kathrin Hirsh-Pasek (USA).

ZEIT online magazine no. 11

March 9, 2023

The magazine ZEIT online publishes the article "Mit dem ersten Schrei" (At the first cry) written by Martin Spiewak, reporting about the BRISE project and the development support chain.

Working place with laptop, papers and pens.

Looking for a thesis (Bachelor/Master) in psychology, neurosciences or Public Health?

BRISE supports theses on different aspects of early childhood development and education. We have survey data, EEG data, and topics for systematic reviews available. If you are interested in writing your thesis on topics related to disadvantaged populations, migration, early childhood development, or public services for children, please contact us at!


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