BRISE - Bremen Initiative to Foster Early Childhood Development (BRISE)

Der türkise Farbkleck "BRISEL" mit dem Schriftzug " BRISE - Bremer Initiative zur Stärkung frühkindlicher Entwicklung"


BRISE at Science Goes Public

March 24, 2022:

Under the topic „How we become who we are“ did Gizem Samdan and Julia Ruge discuss our research in BRISE about infants, toddlers and their parents with a broad audience.

The Familiennetz Bremen presents BRISE in a 7-part series

May 18, 2022:

The "Familiennetz" Bremen answers questions about everyday family life. Now it presents BRISE from the perspective of the participating families, the city, the support programs and the scientific monitoring.

Doctorate completed

July 7, 2022:
We congratulate Polina Stoyanova on the successful completion of her doctorate.

Maternal self-efficacy development

October 24, 2022:

Gizem Samdan and colleagues publish an empirical article on the role of social and demographic factors in the development of maternal self-efficacy. Open Acess via:

Autumn Conferences

October 13, 2022:

At the DGPs symposium "Not just Mom's eyes: early childhood development and mothers' significant roles", the Heidelberg, Bamberg and Bremen subprojects presented empirical work from BRISE.

We also presented results at the FLUX conference on brain development.

Working place with laptop, papers and pens.

Looking for a thesis (Bachelor/Master) in psychology, neurosciences or Public Health?

BRISE supports theses on different aspects of early childhood development and education. We have survey data, EEG data, and topics for systematic reviews available. If you are interested in writing your thesis on topics related to disadvantaged populations, migration, early childhood development, or public services for children, please contact us at!


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