The Bremen University Talks (BUG)

The idea

The Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, the University of Bremen and Unifreunde e.V. have been organising the Bremen University Talks since 1988. The aim was and is to stimulate a dialogue on current topics beyond the academic framework with social actors. A lively
representatives from the worlds of science, politics and business can contribute to the discussion.
The organisers hope that a lively exchange between representatives from academia, politics and business can give the discussion new impetus and practical relevance.


The format

The Bremen University Talks begin on Thursday evening with a public panel discussion in the Kunsthalle Bremen. At the subsequent reception organised by Sparkasse Bremen, the conference guests will have the opportunity for an initial exchange of ideas. Friday will be characterised by in-depth lectures and intensive discussions. At the Atlantic Grand Hotel Bremen, the invited guests will have the opportunity to talk in an undisturbed conference atmosphere. Further aspects of the topics outlined in the previous evening's discussion will be highlighted in short presentations. The subsequent moderated discussions will allow cross-cutting issues to be debated, controversial positions to be exchanged and, ideally, options for action to be developed.


Published now:

The documentation of the 34th Bremen University Talks

New centres, new peripheries: Shaping urban change.