BUG 2021

Data science - wonderland or old wine in new bottles

33rd Bremen University Talks - 7 and 8 October 2021

The topic

New technologies are shaping our everyday lives and digitalisation now affects all areas of life. In the course of using digital technologies, data is collected, automatically generated and continuously stored. This creates volumes of data that can be analysed using computer-aided processes. In this sense, data science makes it possible to gain insights from structured or unstructured data. The further development of future technologies and the strengthening of expertise in the field of data science are crucial to maintaining and increasing our competitiveness. At the same time, key social issues arise in the handling of data and the acceptance of data-based processes.

Collecting, processing, analysing, securely storing and archiving data in order to make it accessible for further use in research are essential elements of the research process. Many areas of research in various disciplines are being changed and reshaped by digitalisation. Science as a whole is becoming increasingly data-driven, and the identification of regular processes plays an important role in many fields of research. New developments such as machine learning and deep learning are opening up powerful and comprehensive research strategies in numerous fields of application. The Data Science Centre at the University of Bremen, which was founded in 2020, is also dedicated to this development.

As part of BUG 2021, the latest developments in science will be presented in three sessions - 1. data science and research data management, 2. data science in the social sciences and humanities and 3. data science and social responsibility.

Taking computer science as a starting point, the focus will be on the effects and trends in other scientific disciplines. The aim is also to highlight and critically discuss ethical, social and legal implications. A panel discussion with representatives from politics and society will bring the discussions together and round off the event.

Scientific coordination

Prof. Dr Rolf Drechsler & Prof. Dr Andreas Breiter
University of Bremen


Thursday, 07.10.2021

Public lecture in the ballroom of the Schütting

Welcome address: Felix Krömer, Radio Bremen

Greetings: Alexander Witte, Chairman of the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation
State Councillor Tim Cordßen, Senator for Science and Ports of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Keynote speech: Prof. Dagmar Monett Diaz, HWR Berlin
Friday, 08.10.2021

  1.  Data science and research data management
  2.  Data science in the social sciences / humanities
  3.  Data science and social responsibility



Evening lecture - Thursday, 7 October 2021

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33rd Bremen University Talks 2021 - Day 2 - Part 2

33rd Bremen University Talks 2021 - Day 2 - Part 3