Are you a doctoral researcher at the University of Bremen or interested in pursuing a PhD here? We are here for you.

During our individual consultations for doctoral researchers and those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Bremen, Dr. Diana Ebersberger and Dr. Marie Saade help to clarify questions about the entire process of doctoral research. We also assist in locating the correct contacts on campus for further queries.

Please note that professors and acadademic staff at the faculties provide advise on the scientific aspects of your research.


Common Questions by Persons Interested in Pursuing a Doctorate

  • "I want to get a PhD: Where do I start?" – Information on the PhD process
  • "How can I finance my doctoral studies?" – Information on funding options
  • "How and when must I apply to become a PhD student?" – Information on enrolment and the regulations governing doctoral studies
  • "Is it possible to combine work and doctoral studies?" – Aspects of part-time doctoral studies

If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us (phone 0421-218-60328, e-mail byrdprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) to book an individual appointment. Before we arrange a meeting, we would first like you to fill in our consultation questionnaire.

Common Topics Adressed by Doctoral Researchers

  • "I am in a difficult situation and need an outsider's perspective." – Individual consultation regarding non-scientific challenges during the doctorate
  • "How can I meet other doctoral researchers?" – Networking for doctoral candidates
  • "At which point in the PhD process should I start to think about what comes next? How can I prepare myself?" – Questions surrounding career planning
  • "What can I do to get more structure in my work day?" – Individual consultation regarding work flow and motivation during the doctorate
  • "I like to improve the communication with my supervisor. What can I do? – Reflecting the collaboration with your supervisor
  • "I want to carry out part of my research project abroad." –  Information on Binational PhD (Co-Tutelle), Funding opportunities
  • "I have a different sort of problem. Who can I go to for help?" –  Information on other service providers at the University of Bremen

Advice for Female Doctoral Reseachers

The University of Bremen takes the advancement of female early career researchers seriously. With the program of the project "Perspektive Promotion", the Bureau for Equal Opportunity offers advice and support for women who are either interested in pursuing a doctorate or already working on their doctoral thesis. To arrange a meeting for individual persons or small groups, please contact Kathrin Faber (Tel: 218-60186).

Counselling Service for the Employees

The Counselling Service for the employees of the University of Bremen is responsible for employees of the University (doctoral students with salaried positions). The bureau offers advice on personal, psychological or health issues is free of charge and red-tape, and provides support on issues concerning  work capability and the work environment (e.g. burn-out, problems with relationships or following separation, conflicts with coworkers and with supervisors). The person to contact is Dipl.-Psychologin Kassandra Ruhm. You will find the University’s Social Advisory Bureau in building GW2, room B3740.

Psychological Counselling

The services offered by the Psychological Counselling center of the Studierendenwerk Bremen are available to enrolled doctoral students. The counsellors offer assistance in matters concerning the PhD process as well as in personal issues, e.g. difficulties in personal relationships, or anxiety concerning careers and future prospects. They provide confidential consultations, advice, and psychological support. You will find the center in the central campus area by the Mensasee and on the web at Psychological Counselling.