Career Design: (Re)Defining career expectations and crafting a career based on values & strengths

Course 2023-23

Date: June 22 + 23

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Venue: SFG1060

Trainer: Dr. Kerstin Mauth, Göttingen

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This workshop specifically addresses postdoctoral researchers who solicitedly or unsolicitedly want to change career paths and are looking for alternative options outside academia. Some experience this phase as painful and overwhelming because it implies letting go of a favourite career path and stepping into uncertain territory. Many perceive this change as a failure. This workshop supports you to refocus on what has meaning for you and harvest the benefits of the past years by explicitly looking at your acquired expertise, skills and experience that can be translated into new occupational sectors. You will also explore the values that - often unconsciously - guide your career decisions. By thinking about these skills and values explicitly, you will be able to make more informed and systematic career steps. As a result, you will regain agency in your career development and feel empowered and optimistic. The workshop also equips participants with instruments and practices that will allow them to create new career plans, explore new occupational areas and keep moving forward with clarity and ease.

Topics to be covered:

  • Values: Uncover your life's intentions
  • Transferable skills & personality traits
  • Creating career plans: Experimenting with and exploring different paths
  • Keep moving: Taking creative action towards new shores

Theoretical Input, Self-reflection, Dyads, Plenary discussions


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Trainer: Dr. Kerstin Mauth

Kerstin Mauth has been a freelance coach and trainer in the academic sector for more than five years now. Before that she worked for many years as an HR professional at the University of Göttingen focussing on postdoc and leadership programs. Her main focus is on values and strengths based career development, on (self-)leadership, on stress management and mindfulness. With her work she strives to contribute to people creating meaningful and satisfying careers, people co-creating supportive and respectful work-environments, and people leading balanced, meaningful and healthy lives. In her workshops she provides a blend of well-founded theoretical inputs and hands-on practical exercises.

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