Consultations for Employment Processes

Job adverts have a sustainable effect on the application circle (Hentschel et al., 2020) and applicants’ self-presentation (Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes, 2018). The written contact with potential applicants presents a central moment to communicate the own diversity efforts and to increase the diversity of applicants. go d!verse consults researchers and administrators in diversity conscious design and wording of job adverts. On this page, you will find the most important tips in designing job adverts. Please also consider our A-Z for a good choice of the first project phase.

Four tips for diversity conscious job adverts

Search based on practise not character

Employment decisions are more sustainable and successful, if based on operationalised task and competence profiles. People with experiences of marginalisation often find it more helpful to orient themselves after practices instead of images of “excellent researchers”. Be as specific as possible in the description of required competences.

Clearly state required application documents

Standardised application documents can increase the equality between international applications. Academic application processes specially vary strongly in required documents. Be transparent on the expected word count of project proposals and if you consider reference letters.

Underline support and development programs

By referring to existing support programs of the University of Bremen at the equal opportunities office and BYRD [link] you underline your willingness to support diversity efforts.


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Build networks and directly approach possible applicants

How diverse is your current academic network? Academic recruitment usually starts before the publishing of job adverts. A long-term strategy to diversify the application pool is the establishment of low-threshold seminar and discussion rounds.

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Hentschel, T., Braun, S., Peus, C., & Frey, D. (2020). Sounds like a fit! Wording in recruitment advertisements and recruiter gender affect women’s pursuit of career development programs via anticipated belongingness.

Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes. (2018). Diskriminierung in Stellenanzeigen Studie zur Auswertung von Stellenanzeigen im Hinblick auf Diskriminierung, Ausschlussmechanismen und positive Maßnahmen.