About go diverse

Project aims

go diverse aims to dismantle discriminatory access barriers in employment processes. go d!verse offers support on employment processes to all academic and administrative staff on all levels, from the selection of doctoral researchers, post-doc positions and appointment procedures. go d!verse integrates the diversity dimensions race, ableism, class and age into the gender politics.

go diverse is funded by the Female Professors Programme of the Federal Government and the Federal States until October 2024.

During its first funding phase (2017-2019) the project go diverse focused on drawing attention to unconscious discrimination processes in academic employee selection. The team organised lectures, consultations, workshops and developed the “A-Z for a good choice”, to inform decision makers about unconscious and cognitive biases.

Aims of the second funding phase are the establishment of training formats on gender and diversity competences in academic employment processes and the creation of long-term toolboxes specialised for the University of Bremen. The political emphasis lies in the extended understanding of unconscious discrimination. go diverse understands unconscious discrimination not only as cognitive bias in decision making, but also as anchored in the daily organisational practises.

Project team

Dr Claire Jin Deschner studied psychology at University Hamburg and Human Resource Management at the University of Leicester.  Her doctoral thesis at the School of Business, University of Leicester, was situated in the Critical Management Studies and discussed the embodiment of performance norms from her post-colonial and feminist perspective.  For the project go diverse at the Equal Opportunity Office  she offers consultations and workshops on diversity topics in employment processes.

Anneliese Niehoff leads the Administrative Unit 04: Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination. In this function, she consults the university leadership, decision makers and all interested parties on questions of gender equality at universities. She is also chairwomen of the Federal Conference of Women and Equality Officers at Universities.

Nele Kuhn is the officer for diversity management at the University of Bremen. She is responsible for the implementation and development of university wide diversity strategies. She initiates and consults processes and practises with the view on diversity conscious organisation development and inclusion.

Logo des Projektes "go diverse -gender und diversitätssensible Personalauswahl" in violett und rot


Dr Claire Deschner

E-Mail:  claire.deschnerprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone: (0421) 218 - 60183
Building: GW2
Room:  A 4281


Anneliese Niehoff

E-Mail:  anneliese.niehoffprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone:  (0421) 218 - 60181
Building: Unicom 2, Haus Oxford
Room: 2.1140


Nele Kuhn

E-Mail:  nele.kuhnprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone: (0421) 218 - 60302
Building: Unicom 2, Haus Oxford
Room: 2.1150

Cooperation project

The project is implemented by the equal opportunity office in cooperation with the diversity management officer of the University of Bremen.


Cooperation with the gender consulting

go diverse works closely together with the gender consulting for research alliances. In this way equality measures can be included and supported starting from the funding proposal.