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Chair of Accounting and Control

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    The chair offers a variety of theory- and practice-oriented courses to give students a better understanding of internal and external Accounting.

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    Our chair has done research for 20 years on the fields of Accounting and Capital Markets. Get a short overview of our publications.

Professor and Topics

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Zimmermann

Dies ist ein Bild von Professor Doktor Doktor h.c. Jochen Zimmermann



Corporate Governance

Published in October 2021

Behrmann, Vanessa; Loy, Thomas; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021): Zur Deregulierung der Quartalsberichterstattung – Zwischen Anlegerschutz und Information Overload. in: Die Wirtschaftsprüfung (WPg), 74:19, 1214-1221.


Published in August 2021

Johannsen, Florian; Knipp, Martin; Loy, Thomas R; Voshaar; Johannes; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021): The Impact of Using a Mobile App on Learning Success in Accounting Education. Available at SSRN: or


Published in June 2021

Johannsen, Florian; Knipp, Martin; Loy, Thomas; Voshaar, Johannes; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021): "A MOBILE APP TO SUPPORT STUDENTS IN THE “TRANSITION-IN” PHASE", in: ECIS 2021 Research-in-Progress Papers, 11.

Published in March 2021 

Zimmermann, Jochen; Luthardt, Ulf; Hölzer, Moritz (2021): Das IASB in der Falle des Impairment-only Approach? – Eine kritische Würdigung der IASB-Reformvorschläge, in: KoR - Zeitschrift für internationale und kapitalmarktorientierte Rechnungslegung, 20:3, 101-106.

Published in January 2021

Knipp, Martin; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021): Does accounting quality impact the cost of capital? An empirical study on the German capital market, in: International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 10:1, 1-26.

Published in September 2020

Thies, Julie, Tideman, Sebastian A., Zimmermann, Jochen (2020): Patterns of Institutional Change ? The Case of Accounting Regulation in BRICS Countries, in: International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 9:3, 181-220.