Research and publication

The WiWiNow app was developed on the basis of a scientific study on the design requirements of mobile tools to reduce problems during the "transition-in" phase of first-year students. Following on from this, studies are investigating in particular the effects of app use on learning success. Previously unpublished findings show a significant positive effect of app use on the examination result achieved.

Johannsen, Florian; Knipp, Martin; Loy, Thomas; Voshaar, Johannes; Zimmermann, Jochen (2021): "A MOBILE APP TO SUPPORT STUDENTS IN THE “TRANSITION-IN” PHASE", in: ECIS 2021 Research-in-Progress Papers, 11.


Voshaar, Johannes; Knipp, Martin; Loy, Thomas; Zimmermann, Jochen; Johannsen, Florian (2022): The Impact of Using a Mobile App on Learning Success in Accounting Education, in: Accounting Education, 1-26,

European Conference on Information Systems, "A Mobile App to Support Students in the "Transition-In" Phase", 15. Juni 2021.

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