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    Research-oriented Teaching

    In our courses the chair encourages the research-oriented studying.

Our contact person for Teaching

Vanessa Behrmann


WiWi Building 2, Room F4320
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66689

Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching objective is to impart theory- and practical-relevant knowledge of accounting and controlling to our students in order to prepare them for responsible tasks in science, economics and society. We put great focus on working independently and self-reliantly within the explorative learning. 

We follow three principles in our teaching position:

  • Imparting scientifically substantiated theory: In our courses we teach models and theories of internal and external accounting. By referring to essential and innovative research resalts we enable students to participate in expert discussions.
  • Application of methods: In our courses students learn scientific as well as practical methodological skills in order to solve scienitific issues and practical problems goal-oriented.
  • Supporting career-based approaches: Honorary professors and lecturers with practical experience establish direct practical relevance.

Teaching Portfolio

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We offer foundation courses as well as in-depth modules. Get further information here. 

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The chair offers a wide range of courses for students with main focus on Accounting and Control.