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Diginomics Research Group

Research Group: „Diginomics – Digitalisierung, Wirtschaft & Gesellschaft"

The Research Group Digitalization is part of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics at the University of Bremen and investigates timely research questions related to the digitalization of labour, capital, and product markets. Twelve projects study topics related to ethical, socio-political, occupational psychology, economic, and policy relevant research questions with a focus on digital markets. Research questions related to the blockchain, digital finance, artificial intelligence, and platform economics will be investigated. To enable PhD candidates to generate high-quality research output, they will learn innovative methods (e.g. programming self-learning algorithms) and connect them with various applications. Moreover, they will obtain a solid knowledge of state-of-the-art empirical research methods. PhD candidates present their research during an internal colloquium, in which the project leaders participate, as well as at international conferences. Additional resources are available for these purposes. The internal colloquium is complemented by a seminar series, where national and international scholars present their research. The results of the research projects will be published in national and international journals. PhD candidates are expected to finish their doctorate within 3,5 years, and will be supported by additional measures at the faculty and university level.


Max-von-Laue Straße 1,

WiWi2 28359 Bremen

Phone: +49 (0)421 218 - 66 820

E-Mail: diginomicsprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Prof. Dr. Maik Eisenbeiß at the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar

Time: 2 December 2020, 12:00 am, via Zoom

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Maik Eisenbeiß, Diginomics Group and markstones Institute, Universität Bremen

Title: Modern forms of digital advertising

Prof. Dr. Maik Eisenbeiß of markstones Institute at University of Bremen and member of the Diginomics Research…

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Florian Töpfl

Prof. Dr. Florian Töpfl at the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar

Time: 25. November 2020, 12:00 am, via Zoom

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Florian Töpfl, University of Passau

Title: Publics as authoritarian input institutions: How digital criticism contributes to the stabilization of non-democratic rule

Prof. Dr. Florian Töpfl of University of Passau, will give a talk…

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Talk at the CESifo Area Conference on Economics of Digitization

Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf will present his paper "How Community Managers Affect Online Idea Crowdsourcing Activities” at the CESifo Area Conference on Economics of Digitization 2020. In associated working paper, he investigates with his coauthor Prof. Dr. Sabrina Jeworrek from IWH Halle, whether and to…

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New Video: "Starting new by fitting in: FinTech startup endorsements by analysts" - Dr. Milan Klus at the Diginomics Brownbag

 On November 11, 2020, Dr. Milan Klus gave a talk in the Diginomics Brownag Seminar on "Starting New by Fitting In: FinTech Startup Endorsements by Analysts". Dr. Milan Klus is research associate at the Chair for Business Administration, in particular Financial Services and Financial Technology and…

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Diginomics Research Talks meet BREMEN.AI Data Lounge

On December 1, 2020, the Diginomics Research Group of the University of Bremen hosts Dr Michael Engel, Head of Data & AI Product Management at VW Financial Services. The event is co-organized by BREMEN.AI Data Lounge and the Data Science Center.

Topic: AI Product Management

Dr Engel will give an…

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The future of banks - Lars Hornuf as studio guest at "buten un binnen"

In the weekly series on the future of banks and FinTech, Professor Dr. Lars Hornuf was a studio guest at the TV show "buten und binnen" on November 7, 2020, where he spoke with moderator Lea Reinhart.

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Dennis-Kenji Kipker

Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker, Prof. Dr. Evren Eren, Prof Dr. Richard Sethmann and Carl Philipp Wrede at the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar

Time: 11. November 2020, 12:00 am, via Zoom

Speaker: Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker, Prof. Dr. Evren Eren, Prof Dr. Richard Sethmann and Carl Philipp Wrede, NorShiP (North-German Research School for Information Security, Computer Forensics and Privacy)

Title: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy from an…

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Talk by Lars Hornuf at the University of Hamburg

On Wednesday, November 4, Professor Lars Hornuf will present the paper "Are Sustainability-Oriented Investors Different? Evidence from Equity Crowdfunding" at the Finance Accounting und Insurance Seminar at the University of Hamburg. The paper was written in collaboration with PhD students Eliza…

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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana at the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar

Time: 4. November 2020, 11:30 am, via Zoom

Speaker: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana, Saarland University

Title: Designing process guidance systems supporting individual’s process knowledge and process execution

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana of Saarland University will give a talk on "Designing…

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Daniel Metko

Daniel Metko at the Diginomics Brownbag Seminar

Time: 28. October 2020, 12:00, via Zoom

Speaker: Daniel Metko, Diginomics Group, University of Bremen

Title: Machine learning in stock return prediction

Daniel Metko, PhD student and member of the Diginomics Research Group, will give a talk on "Machine learning in stock return prediction"…

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