markstones Institute of Marketing, Branding and Technology

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    Welcome at the markstones Institute of Marketing, Branding & Technology

    The Team

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    „Our research and teaching is in the areas of marketing and branding, taking into account recent technological developments“

    Prof. Maik Eisenbeiß

  • „Intensive cooperation with practice partners is the foundation of our work in research and teaching “

    Prof. Christoph Burmann

  • „We stand for collaborative work in an environment characterized by partnership, openness and appreciation“

    Prof. Kristina Klein

  • Working Group Innovative Brand Management

    Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann

  • Working Group Consumer Behaviour

    Prof. Dr. Kristina Klein

  • Working Group Digital Marketing

    Prof. Dr. Maik Eisenbeiß

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Opening ceremony

Together with their teams, professors Christoph Burmann, Maik Eisenbeiß and Kristina Klein founded a new Institute at the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics of the University of Bremen.

The Institute focuses on marketing problems in the age of big data, e-commerce and artificial intelligence. Over 100 guests from the science community and from business attended the ceremony, at which renowned marketing professors spoke about current topics. The planned activities of the Institute were also presented. The institute aims to combine competences in research, teaching as well as  in practice transfer. The focus of the various topics of the Institute is on current technological developments, particulary on digitalization.

This video-link provides some impressions of the opening ceremony:


"13th edition of the text book "Marketing"

This standard text book provides comprehensive overview on the basics of marketing management from a decision-orientated point of view. This textbook is suitable for both bachelor and master programs as well as practitioners. All chapters have been revised in this edition of the marketing classic.  



The Institute combines competences in the areas of digital marketing, brand management and consumer research.



In our teaching, we emphasize the importance of methodological expertise and practical relevance while considering recent technological developments.



We aim to publish our research in top journals that provides implications for research and business practice.



We see our Institute as a customer-centric service provider in the areas of marketing and brand management in the federal state of Bremen and beyond, which integrates the latest technological developments.