Charlotte Pietschmann

Consumer Behavior


Max-von-Laue-Straße 1
28359 Bremen
WIWI 2 Gebäude, Room F3020

Phone: +49 (0) 421 218-66574
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Personal details

Charlotte Pietschmann started as research assistant and PhD student in the working group “Consumer Behaviour” of Prof. Dr. Kristina Klein, as well as a member of the graduate group “Diginomics” at the University of Bremen in November 2020. Her PhD-project is located in the focus area “Self-quantification and –optimization in the context of consumer-technology-interfaces.”

She studied Marketing Techniques (DUT) at the Technical College of Quimper in France. After her Erasmus year at Birmingham City University (BCU) in England, she graduated with a M.Sc. in Management & Marketing.

She gained practical experience with internships in Brussels and in Bremen, as well as with student assistant jobs at BCU. After two years of working as a sales administrator and a junior marketing manager for the French market for Inspirion GmbH, Ms. Pietschmann has chosen to come back to university.