Global Game Jam 2023

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a worldwide parallel event where players become developers and create a computer or board game within 49 hours.

Together in a group, you develop a concept, create the game world, and create the actual game logic. At the end of the programming marathon, all groups compete against each other and present their games to choose the best games of the GGJ. The focus, however, is on the fun of consulting, developing and playing together. Groups can be formed in advance or on site. You don't have to be a professional game developer. Creativity and a good portion of enthusiasm are important. At the beginning a secret theme is published, which has to be included in the games. So the participants can spontaneously give free rein to their imagination. In addition, some rules will be announced for extra points in the game evaluation.

The GGJ is an exciting, challenging and fun event that gives both enthusiasts and professional game developers the opportunity to come together in a very special setting, "jam" and reach an international audience with their games.

Participation is free of charge!

Time and Place

Preliminary Event Times

  • GGJ Start: Friday, 03rd February, 16:00h
  • GGJ End: Sunday, 05th Februar, 17:00h


  • Click on on "Participate in a jam".
  • When you already have an account please log in, otherwise connect with Facebook or register via email and log in afterwards.
  • At "My Profile" add your real name and, if you like, some more details.
  • Choose at "My jam site" "University of Bremen" as jam location.
  • If your have problems registering, it is also possible to register at the Global Game Jam directly. Therefore please send an email with your real name to ggj(at) in advance.
  • For legal reasons, unfortunately, all participants must be of legal age.

What to bring

  • For computer game development: computer as well as the required software. Paper and pens are also helpful for the planning phase.
  • For board game development: game materials (dice, chips, pieces, etc.) as well as crafting materials (paper, pens, cardboard, glue, note cards, etc.).
  • We strongly recommend installing the required software in advance.

Important Rules

  • Computer games must be made available as a package or browser-based game on the website at the end of the jam.
  • Board games must be made available as so-called "print out games" in PDF format on the website at the end of the jam.
  • All games must contain certain (rather general) features that will be announced only at the beginning of the jam. This way all participants face a comparable challenge.


Further Information & Links

More information about the GGJ can be found on the website. Open questions can also be addressed directly to the GGJ organization team in Bremen: ggjprotect me ?!tziprotect me ?!.de.

The handout contains all important information including a schedule:

GGJ Bremen in Social Media