The Organizers of the GGJ 2024, © I.Laumann

Global Game Jam 2024

This year's Global Game Jam (GGJ) took place from January 26-28, 2024. The event is comparable to a hackathon, where people come together in different locations for 48 hours to develop games on a central theme. It is organized worldwide in physical and virtual locations in over a hundred countries…

 Georg Volkmar; ©Rainer Malaka

PHD Defense of Georg Volkmar

In January 2024, Georg Volkmar held the successful defense of his PHD thesis "Empowering novices through playful self-expression - the role of creativity and video games in the context of virtual reality exposure therapy".

Serious games have long been studied in HCI for their potential to support…

Foto unserer neuen Mitarbeiterin Fenja Schweder

Welcome to our new colleague Fenja Schweder

Since 15.12.2023 we have a new colleague in our working group: Fenja Schweder.

Fenja holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Bremen and a Master's degree in Data and Computer Science from the University of Heidelberg. During her stay in Heidelberg, Fenja worked for the …

[Translate to English:] Supara Grudpan with her Supervisor Prof. Rainer Malaka

PHD Defense of Supara Grudpan

On November 13, Supara Grudpan successfully defended her doctoral thesis "The M-SG framework: A framework for Multiplayer Cooperative Serious Game Development". Supara was a long and valued member of our research group. Because of Covid, she went back to Thailand and has been working there at Chang…

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Global Game Jam 2024

The Global Game Jam will take place again on 26.01.2024. This developing a game in a small group with other participants in only 48 hours - snacks and drinks will of course be provided. If you are interested, come on the 26th of January at 4 PM in the E0 of the MZH and register at https://globalgame…

Johanna Rockstroh

Johanna Rockstroh receives DAAD scholarship for the PaCoCo project in Paris

As part of the DAAD-funded Program for Project-Related Personal Exchange (PROCOPE), Johanna Rockstroh has been awarded a scholarship for the PaCoCo (Parallel Corpus Exploration of Interrogatives with French 'Comment') project in Paris.

She will work there as a developer in the field of NLP together…

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Rainer Malaka and Michael Bonfert at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2023

Rainer Malaka and Michael Bonfert are guests at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2023 this week. Under the motto "Encouraged by Excellence," laureates of the highest awards in computer science and mathematics will exchange ideas with young scientists from all over the world. For the tenth anniversary,…

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Poster Session 'Science of the Masters'

This year there will be a premiere in our lab: students from three different lectures will present the results they have achieved in the respective courses in a poster session at a joint event. The aim is to introduce students to scientific work such as conference presentations, but in a smaller…

Rainer Malaka (left) as Juror at Explore Science

Rainer Malaka as a juror at the Explore Science school competitions

Since summer of 2018, the annual science experience days of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, "Explore Science", have been held in Bremen, this year on the topic "Mathematics" .

Rainer Malaka , director of the graduate college "Empowering Digital Media", which is also funded by the Klaus Tschira…

Rachel Ringe (left) and Laura Spillner, ©Rachel Ringe

Laura Spillner and Rachel Ringe present at IJCAI 2023.

Laura Spillner and Rachel Ringe attended the IJCAI 2023 in Macau, an international conference on artificial intelligence and gathering of international AI researchers.

At the Explainable AI (XAI) workshop Laura gave a presentation on the paper '"Finding Uncommon Ground: A Human-Centered Model for…