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Rainer Malaka and Michael Bonfert at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2023

Rainer Malaka and Michael Bonfert are guests at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2023 this week. Under the motto "Encouraged by Excellence," laureates of the highest awards in computer science and mathematics will exchange ideas with young scientists from all over the world. For the tenth anniversary,…

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Poster Session 'Science of the Masters'

This year there will be a premiere in our lab: students from three different lectures will present the results they have achieved in the respective courses in a poster session at a joint event. The aim is to introduce students to scientific work such as conference presentations, but in a smaller…

Rainer Malaka (left) as Juror at Explore Science

Rainer Malaka as a juror at the Explore Science school competitions

Since summer of 2018, the annual science experience days of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, "Explore Science", have been held in Bremen, this year on the topic "Mathematics" .

Rainer Malaka , director of the graduate college "Empowering Digital Media", which is also funded by the Klaus Tschira…

Rachel Ringe (left) and Laura Spillner, ©Rachel Ringe

Laura Spillner and Rachel Ringe present at IJCAI 2023.

Laura Spillner and Rachel Ringe attended the IJCAI 2023 in Macau, an international conference on artificial intelligence and gathering of international AI researchers.

At the Explainable AI (XAI) workshop Laura gave a presentation on the paper '"Finding Uncommon Ground: A Human-Centered Model for…

© Leon Dratzidis

Leon Dratzidis in our hyBit Project

After finishing his master thesis in computer science, Leon Dratzidis joined our research group as a new member in the middle of August. His research interests are Virtual Reality, Haptic Interfaces and Tangible User Interfaces. He is working in our project hyBit, where he will further pursue his…

Prof. Rainer Malaka, CEO Digital Media Lab; Screenshot from Buten&Binnen-Video

VR against fear of heights

In the Buten-und-Binnen video "So versucht diese Bremerin ihre Höhenangst zu besiegen" ("How this Bremen woman is trying to overcome her fear of heights"), Prof. Rainer Malaka, head of the "Digital Media Lab", explains how and why virtual reality is being used in research to counteract fear of…

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Making Virtual Worlds Real - Michael Bonfert in the Klaus Tschira Foundation's Alumni Summer Series

With its funding programmes, the Klaus Tschira Foundation supports scientists in many ways, like the graduate school Empowering Digital Media, which is hosted by us in the Digital Media Lab.

This year's summer series "Six Questions for..." features six of its alumni. One of them is Michael Bonfert,…

Dr. Anke Reinschlüssel, © Laura Maaß

The Digital Media Lab at the Summer School of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health

Our colleague Dr Anke Reinschlüssel, who works as a PostDoc in the Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health project in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS, gave a lecture on Monday at their SummerSchool with the title "Designing the Digital in…

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Summer School on HCI for Well-being

From the 28th to the 30th of June “Spaces and Interfaces: A Summer School on HCI for Well-being” will take place: Rapid developments in computational sensing, processing, and learning are the source of excitement as well as trepidation. A challenge for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is to leverage…

ACM CUI 2023 Conference: Workshop From C-3PO to HAL

With the workshop "From C-3PO to HAL" at the ACM CUI 2023 conference some of our colleages tackle the discourse about "the dark side of multi-modal social agents":

As these agents are more and more integrated in our daily routines and while creating emotional bonds with them, the number of…