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Topics and Contact Person(s)

  • Contact person(s) for all mentioned topics: Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka , DM Lab
  • Robert Porzel: Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation and Embodied Interaction
  • Susanne Putze: HCI methods for Open Science, Research methods for VR experiments
  • Bastian Dänekas: Computer Science in Sports, Feedback Apps for Strength Training, Use of Smartwatch-based Health Data in Sports.
  • Michael Bonfert: Virtual Reality Haptics: How realistic is haptic feedback in VR? (Forces, touch, pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Nima Zargham: Voice User Interfaces, Speech interaction in Games, Intelligent Personal Assistants
  • Georg Volkmar: Games User Research (GUR), Mental Health & Well-being, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET)
  • Thomas Mildner: Dark Patterns, Digital Well-Being & Ethical Design
  • Mehrdad Bahrini: Usable Security & Privacy