Thomas Mildner

jungen mann in schwarzer jacke und mit schwarzer brille auf einem deich

Digital Media Lab
MZH, Room 6110
Bibliothekstr. 5
D-28359 Bremen

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Tel: +49 (0)421 218-64417

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Research Areas

  • Dark Patterns
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Interaction and Interface Design
  • Mental-Health and Well-Being
  • Mobile Interaction
  • Social Media

Possible theses topics:

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to supervise any more students at the moment.

Curriculum Vitae

While doing my bachelors in digital media at the University of the Arts in Bremen, I began to develop a strong interest for scientific research. The interdisciplinary courses at the University of Bremen further supported this interest. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in 2017, I had the chance to research at the University College Dublin, Ireland, through an internship. It was also at the UCD where I continued my studies in a research-based master’s program in computer science. Next to my scientific works and first publications, I was able to expand my interest in interaction and interface design and discovered an affinity for human-computer interaction.

After completing my Master’s at the UCD in 2020, I started as a PhD student at the University of Bremen, as a stipend of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, in 2021. Here, my research focuses on Dark Patterns in social media. I study practices of digital interface-design used to deceive or harm people with the goal to empower people to recognise and avoid potential harmful environments. Therefore, I analyse and describe such practices in order to draw attention to ethical problems.

Projects and publications


  • Multimodal Algebra Lernen (MAL)
  • Anpassbare Interaktion mit materialwissenschaftlichen Forschungsdaten (AimData)
  • first.stage


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