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1 full Postgraduate Position / Junior Researcher- EG 13 TV-L

job id: A287/21

1 full Postgraduate Position / Junior Researcher- EG 13 TV-L
at the Collaborative Research Center
SFB 1320 Everyday Science and Engineering, Universität Bremen
Project P01
Embodied semantics for the language of action and change: Combining analysis, reasoning and simulation - under the condition of job release- at the next possible date, limited until June 30th, 2025 / job id: A287/21

The time limitation is subject to the scientific qualification according to the Act of Academic Fixed-Term Contract, §2 (1) (WissZeitVG – Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz). Therefore, candidates may only be considered if they dispose of the respective scope of qualification periods, according to §2 (1) WissZeitVG.

Project Description:
In the first phase of the collaborative research center, subproject P01 investigated methods to understand vague, underspecified textual instructions expressed in natural language by employing hybrid descriptions that strategically combine both formal logical theories and simulations. The research undertaken in P01 has shown that such methods can be used to select, test, and improve action parameters; disambiguate commands by simulating them within the context of other tasks that they should enable; test physical functional relations between objects, i.e., interactions constraining behavior such as Containment or Support, and understand causal contributions to these relations by objects in an environment. Subproject P01 has also contributed substantially towards knowledge modeling for everyday activities: the development of theories of manipulation phases, affordances, action failures, and of an ontology for interpreting linguistically-expressed commands.

Main Tasks:

  • Contributing to the development of an affordance-based reasoning systems for everyday activities.
  • Grounding of activities in physical simulations.
  • Formalization of image schema and everyday knowledge.


Applicants should have expertise in computer science / artificial intelligence and reasoning and should hold a master or diploma degree in computer science. They should be committed to interdisciplinary, team-based research and be fluent in spoken and written English.
Ideally, an applicant will also have knowledge of / interest in one or more of the following areas: semantic processing/reasoning; numeric simulation. Additional training and supervision of a doctoral or habilitation thesis will be provided on the job.

As the University of Bremen intends to increase the proportion of female employees in science, women are particularly encouraged to apply. In case of equal personal aptitudes and qualification, disabled persons will be given priority. Applicants with a migration background are welcome.

Please address questions about the position and your application until December 16th, 2021 by indicating the job id A287/21 to:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka
Digital Media Lab
Universität Bremen
28334 Bremen / Germany
or via e-mail : dm-sekrprotect me ?!tziprotect me ?!.de  

For a paper-based application, please make sure to only send document copies as all received application material will be destroyed after the selection process.

Please write an Email to if you are interested.