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Digital Media Lab

Digital Media Lab

Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka

Office: MZH 5340
Phone: +49 421 218-64401
Fax: +49 421 218-64409
Mail: dmprotect me ?!tziprotect me ?!.de

Administration: MZH 5370


Group Photo CHI2022

Presentations on CHI 2022 in New Orleans

The Digital Media Lab was represented with five papers at this year's CHI 2022 in New Orleans. Nima Zargham presented his paper '"I Didn't Catch That, But I'll Try My Best": Anticipatory Error Handling in a Voice Controlled Game' on research in the field of voice assistants, which was a…

Biosignals in Virtual Reality

In the project "Design Space of Virtual Environments: Creating a Feedback Loop for Users using Physical and Mental Health Data Gathered by Smartwatches", part of the university's scientific focus Minds.Media.Machines, the Digital Media Lab is researching the possibility of incorporating…

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Student Thesis Club

The DMLab is happy to announce a biweekly Student Theses Club where students writing their final thesis (both Bachelor and Master Theses) are invited to meet and discuss current stages of their thesis progression, receiving immediate help from 1-2 PhDs, as well as helping others!

With in-person…

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We have moved up to the 6th floor of the MZH!

At the end of last year we moved with the whole working group and all labs: You can find us now on the 6th level of the MZH (Bibliothekstr. 5). It was a lot of work and exhausted all our capacities. That's why the news has been a bit neglected lately. This will change. And we would be happy to…

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New member of our working group

Since the beginning of February we have new support in our working group from Marc Robin Nolte. Robin is interested in the modularity of ontologies and in hybrid and non-monotonic reasoning & query answering, which he is now working on with us in the EASE project.

A warm welcome to Robin!

Promotion of Susanne Putze

In September 2021, Susanne Putze successfully passed her PhD exam on "Model Based Research Data Management -Maintainable and Concurrent Management of Experimental Research Data With Domain-specific Knowledge Models" The dissertation explores usable and practical usage of experiment model based…

Social Media

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Die echte Tafel hängt im Flur der AG Digitale Medien auf der fünften Ebene des MZH.