Laura Spillner

Laura Spillner, © I.Laumann
Laura Spillner

Digital Media Lab
MZH, Room 6440
Bibliothekstr. 5
D-28359 Bremen

Tel: +49 (0)421 218-64415

Curriculum Vitae

Laura Spillner is a doctoral researcher at the Digital Media Lab. She studied media science and digital media and then completed a master's degree in computer science at the University of Bremen, with a focus on artificial intelligence, cognition and robotics. Her master's thesis focused on natural language processing and conversational agents.
Laura is working in the European Project "MUHAI: Meaning and understanding in Human-centered artificial intelligence". 
In this project and in her PhD thesis she is researching natural language understanding, and the development of explainable algorithms AI and hybrid AI in the field of language processing.

Research Interests/Possible Thesis Projects

  • Natural language understanding: e.g. instruction parsing, topic modelling, understanding different points of view and political narratives in social media texts
  • Evaluating (deep) language understanding: e.g. in comparing machine learning/symbolic AI/hybrid AI
  • Visualization for NLU: e.g. interactive topic networks or narrative graphs, visualizing meaning in word embeddings
  • Interaction with AI/Robotic agents: e.g. explaining AI predictions or agent behaviour, teaching intelligent agents new knowledge, ...

I currently have open thesis projects (28.06.2023):

  • Interaction with intelligent robots: how can users correct behaviour, add new knowledge, or teach the agent through natural language interaction? --> HCI study to evaluate (existing) AI approaches (you do not need to know anything about AI or about robots)
  • Interaction with AI, explainable AI: if AI is able to explain its reasoning to a user, how does the presentation of the explanation (e.g. natural language vs. graphical, confidence of the AI, etc) influence users' behaviour? --> HCI study (web development skills or python required, but AI/NLP knowledge is not necessary unless you want to delve deeper into the technical part)