ACM CHI 2023: Paper and "Honorable Mention"

We are pleased to announce that a paper titled 'About Engaging and Governing Strategies: A Thematic Analysis of Dark Patterns in Social Networking Services'  has been accepted for publication at the 2023 ACM CHI conference. The paper's contribution to the field of dark patterns and online ethics has been recognized with an honorable mention. This research, authored by Thomas Mildner, Gian-Luca Savino, Philip Doyle, Benjamin Cowan, and Rainer Malaka, sheds light on the unethical tactics employed by social networking services to influence user behavior, known as "dark patterns". Through a rigorous thematic analysis of these dark patterns, the authors identify specific strategies used by social networking services to engage users more than desired and govern their decision making.

Congratulations to the authors on this great success!