PHD Defense of Georg Volkmar

In January 2024, Georg Volkmar held the successful defense of his PHD thesis "Empowering novices through playful self-expression - the role of creativity and video games in the context of virtual reality exposure therapy".

Serious games have long been studied in HCI for their potential to support learning, behavioral change, motivation to exercise and many other areas beyond entertainment. One such area is psychotherapy. Specifically for the treatment of phobias, studies suggest that the inclusion of video games can positively influence the course of therapy. In his dissertation, Georg examines this connection between games that enable creative self-expression and psychotherapy for the treatment of phobias. His thesis can be found at

Congratulations on your successful doctorate, Georg!

 Georg Volkmar; ©Rainer Malaka
Georg Volkmar at this PHD defense; ©Rainer Malaka