Johanna Rockstroh receives DAAD scholarship for the PaCoCo project in Paris

As part of the DAAD-funded Program for Project-Related Personal Exchange (PROCOPE), Johanna Rockstroh has been awarded a scholarship for the PaCoCo (Parallel Corpus Exploration of Interrogatives with French 'Comment') project in Paris.

She will work there as a developer in the field of NLP together with her colleague Dr. Jan Fliessbach (University of Potsdam) and Prof. Dr. Lucia Tovena and Dr. Damien Fleury (Université Paris Cité) for one week each in the next two years.

On the one hand, the PaCoCo project aims to explore non-canonical uses of questions in French by using Opus OpenSubtitles as a massive parallel corpus. Furthermore, the project will expand and refine the workflow for using OpusTools (Aulamo et al. 2020) in combination with OpuSearch (Fliessbach & Rockstroh) to analyze the corpus data.

Johanna Rockstroh