Rainer Malaka as a juror at the Explore Science school competitions

Since summer of 2018, the annual science experience days of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, "Explore Science", have been held in Bremen, this year on the topic "Mathematics" .

Rainer Malaka , director of the graduate college "Empowering Digital Media", which is also funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, was a member of the jury at this year's Explore Science school competitions in Bremen's Bürgerpark. Pupils had built bridges out of paper and precision scales, constructed windmills that drive other windmills, and made kaleidoscopes.

12,000 children, young people and adults visited the event - a great success


Rainer Malaka (left) as Juror at Explore Science
Rainer Malaka (left) as Juror at Explore Science