Poster Session 'Science of the Masters'

This year there will be a premiere in our lab: students from three different lectures will present the results they have achieved in the respective courses in a poster session at a joint event. The aim is to introduce students to scientific work such as conference presentations, but in a smaller setting.

Work from the following courses will be presented:

  • Embodied Interaction; Lecturers: Dr. Robert Porzel and Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka
  • Current Topics in HCI; Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Tanja Döring and Dr. Susanne Putze
  • Aplied Computer Sciene in Sports; Lecturers: Dr. Robert Porzel, Dr. Tim Laue and Bastian Dänekas

The event will take place on 20/09/2023 from 1 pm till 3:30 pm in room MZH 6200. Visitors are welcome to view and have the students' work explained.


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