[Translate to English:] X-Alltag Projekt: MapLab

Advisor: Dr. Robert Porzel, Dr. Susanne Putze, Rachel Ringe



Our MapLab project is a virtual workplace where users can distance themselves from everyday interruptions: We focus on a virtual office, which can be accessed from anywhere and where everyday office activities as well as future projects can be implemented and planned ahead. For this purpose, we have implemented functions such as the creation and editing of one or more virtual 3D mind maps. In addition, one can write and draw on a whiteboard board and on a paper with the help of a virtual pen. In order to feel comfortable and not cramped while working, we have created the possibility to individually configure the landscapes that you can view through a window. You can choose between several self-designed landscapes. In the room there are several self-designed objects, each with its own functions, all of which can be executed using controllers as well as hand tracking.

Demo Video: