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Initiated by the European Commission, the Erasmus Programme, together with its partners, supports student and staff mobility in the Erasmus region. It also finances projects executed in cooperation with its partners within and outside European borders.

Because of its Erasmus Educational Policy The University of Bremen has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the entire duration of Erasmus+ Programme.

The Charter is valid until 2020 and entitles the University of Bremen to carry out cooperation activities within Erasmus+.


Barbara Hasenmüller
ERASMUS Exchange Coordinator

Tel: +49-421-218-60362
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Student Mobility

Study Visits and Internships Abroad in Europe

Through the Erasmus Programme, University of Bremen sends more than 400 students and interns to other European countries. Conversely, the University of Bremen hosts more than 200 guest students from Erasmus partner universities. Students can receive funding for up to 12 months per study phase (BA, MA, PhD) through the Erasmus Programme.

Erasmus Study

Would you like to study abroad in Europe? University of Bremen offers exchange opportunities with more than 300 partner universities in the Erasmus region. As an Erasmus exchange student, you can take advantage of perks such as a tuition fee waiver, a study advisor at University of Bremen and at the host university, recognition of study credits, as well as a mobility allowance.


Erasmus Internships

Internships abroad make it possible for you to gain hands-on experience in your professional field, as well as to network and find contacts that may later help you in your career.

If you are interested in an internship in a EU member state, you can apply to receive financial assistance from the Erasmus Programme. The assistance is provided for internships in various companies and educational institutions for a period of time that covers 2 to 12 months.  


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Erasmus Visiting Students

If you are a student at one of the Erasmus partner universities and would like to study abroad at University of Bremen for one or two semesters, then you've come to the right place. University of Bremen offers a comprehensive orientation program for incoming international students.

Here you’ll find more information about the application  and offers for international students.


Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility

The Erasmus Programme offers the teaching staff a chance to work at a partner university. Eligible for funding are University of Bremen members, including doctoral students who currently conduct teaching activities. Funding is provided through the sending university.  


Erasmus Staff Mobility

If you are an administrative or technical services employee of the University and are interested in continuing your education abroad, you can apply for Erasmus Staff Mobility Programme. In line with its goal of supporting the internationalization process at partner universities, this program offers training and educational opportunities. Funding can be provided to participate in Erasmus Staff Weeks, guest lectures, workshops, language courses, and more. 

The University of Bremen administration supports the Erasmus Staff Mobility and has made it a part of its personnel development program.

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Incoming Staff Mobility

In cooperation with other universities in the region, The International Office of University of Bremen organizes bi-annual Staff Weeks. As part of the Erasmus Programme, partner university employees can take part in them utilizing Erasmus Staff Mobility. Partner university staff members can direct their enquiries to the Erasmus coordinator of the appropriate study program.


Erasmus International Dimensions (Mobility with Partner Countries)

Since 2015, the University of Bremen has been a part of the Erasmus International Dimensions and has received funding to support its cooperation with partner universities in Brazil, Belarus, Georgia and Israel. For the funding year 2017-2019, it received funding for cooperation with various partner universities in Cameroon. The project mainly supports lecturers, staff mobility and the exchange of doctoral students.



Cooperation Projects

The Erasmus+ Programme supports cooperation projects with universities within and outside the EU borders.

Erasmus Strategic Partnerships supports execution of cooperation projects with partners in the Erasmus region. The aim is to support their commitment towards internationalisation.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Programme supports creation and implementation of joint degree programs with European partners. It aims to win over excellent students from all over the world.

The Knowledge Alliance Programme can be utilized to receive funding to support efforts towards expanding cooperation between universities and companies.

Capacity building projects assist modernisation of higher educational institutions in more than 150 EU partner states.

In addition, Jean Monnet Activities promote teaching and research in the European Union.

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