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Support Services in Bremen

In Bremen, there are a large number of advisory centers which may be of interest to persons caring for relatives. Here is a small selection of the wide range of services, networks, and organizations, such as care support centers, centers offering care advice, advice for relatives, legal advice, health advice, housing advice, and self-help groups. The following websites are in German only. 

Care Support Center Bremen

Pflegestützpunkt Bremen

Netzwerk pflegeBegleitung – charitable organization providing support and assistance for persons caring for relatives

Netzwerk pflegeBegleitung

Family Support Network Bremen

Familiennetz Bremen

Bremen Foundation of Homes and Residences 

Bremer Heimstiftung

kom.fort.e.V. – non-profit association for 

accessible housing and construction

kom.fort e.V. 

DIKS – Demenz Informations- und Koordinationsstelle –

dementia office

DIKS – Demenz Informations- und Koordinationsstelle

SL SelbstBestimmt Leben e.V. – association for a self-determined life

SL SelbstBestimmt Leben e.V.

Hilfswerk Bremen e.V.

Hilfswerk Bremen e.V.

Ambulante Versorgungsbrücken e.V. –

non-profit association especially for the elderly and their relatives advising on health- and care-related issues

Ambulante Versorgungsbrücken e.V.

online map of wheelchair accessible places


Family Caregiver Support Group of the University of Bremen

Pflegestammtisch of the University of Bremen