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The  Entdeckerkids is a day-care center that offers company-related childcare for children aged 6 months up to school entry. The care offered by the discovery kids is primarily aimed at employees of the University of Bremen. Parents residing in Bremen who are employed at the university can register their child with the discovery kids.

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The Entdeckerhaus  is one of six institutions of the Entdeckerhaus gGmbH and the Kindertagesstätte Technologiepark e.V. It offers day-care for up to 80 children from 6 months to school age.


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The  Uni-KiTa  offers six full-day groups for children from 1-3 years as a day nursery. Children of students and employees of the University  are preferentially accepted. There are 6 groups with 8 children each. Each group generally has two educators / specialists.

Sick children or the loss of regular childcare is a major stress factor for university employees, especially for time-critical tasks! All you need to do is call and the emergency mom  will come.

Childcare in the state of Bremen


If your child is at least one year old, your child has a legal right to early childhood education and care. Younger children may also be entitled if parents cannot look after their child themselves, for example if they are both working.

All information about childcare in Bremen can be found on the website of the Senator for Children and Education

You can find a PDF file in english here

In daycare, your child will be cared for by a childminder. This care usually takes place in the childminder's or child's home. A childminder looks after up to five children at a time. The care can also take place in external rooms suitable for children. In this case, two child minders look after up to ten children at a time. The work is organized jointly, similar to a daycare center.
In Bremen, day carers are placed by PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen. PiB ensures that all childminders are trained and supervises their work. All of them have an official care permit.
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Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienst in Bremen Mahndorf

For occasional assignments, the service of the grandma-grandpa help service can be 'booked' for a fee. Students have good experiences with the service. According to the service's self-portrayal: "Our helpers usually look after children from infancy to school age for a maximum of 2-3 half days a week. We help as quickly as possible in case of emergency, if necessary also on a voluntary basis."
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