Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, B.Sc.

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    Design, develop, test and supervise

    Become part of the technology that makes the world go round.

Electrical engineering and information technology shape our daily routine everywhere and everywhen and they  play a major role in digitalization. This ranges from the generation of electrical energy, e.g. in wind power plants, through distribution, to the  acquisition, transmission and processing of data and information.

To meet the challenges of digitalization and to train qualified experts, we offer a wide range of courses for future engineers. In addition to the necessary knowledge in mathematics, physics and computer science, you will learn methods and procedures of electrical engineering which equip  you for your professional life, even if the concrete demands towards engineering are constantly changing. You will acquire knowledge in energy and automation technology, microelectronics and microsystems technology as well as information and communication technology.

Laboratory exercises and practicals pave the way from theory to application. Under the guidance of a supervisor, you will work independently on your projects  and research tasks allowing a high grade in scientific creativity.

Today, electrical engineers are urgently sought for practically all industrial sectors, in research and development and in the service sector. Thecareer prospects are excellent.

Course contents

The course is divided into three parts:

General part:

  • Mathematical-scientific fundamentals

  • Electrical and information technology fundamentals

Subject specific-part:

  • Digital technology

  • Energy engineering

  • Communications technology

  • Microtechnology

  • Control theory

Supplementary studies

Key data

  • Admission requirements: general or restricted university entrance qualification

  • Application deadline: July 15 (WiSe), January 15 (SoSe)

  • Beginning of the course: once a year at winter and summer semester

  • ECTS credits: 180

  • Semester dues including semester ticket

  • Standard duration: 6 semesters

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science

Information and application

Advisory Service

Study Center

For advice on:

  • Study progress

  • Admission and application

  • Start into your study program

  • Any other questions that might occur

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Daniela Graske

NW1 room S2380
Phone: +49 421 218-62712

Subject-specific information and advice

Questions about:

  • Contents of the study programs

  • Recognition and accreditation of qualifications

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Paul

NW1 Room W2140
Phone: +49 421 218-62525 (Secretary)