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We keep a large educational program for pupils, schools and teachers: from internships for prospective students to public events. One of the events that attracts entire families is our traditional physics show at pre-Christmas time.

Digital Advents Calendar
Magic? In one of the Advent calendar videos, Professor Justus Notholt shows how to boil water in a glass flask containing cold water. The cooling of the closed hot glass bulb reduces the pressure in the glass bulb and water evaporates at lower pressure at lower temperatures.

Physics and Chemistry Advent calendar

An exciting program awaits you.

“As our popular physics and chemistry shows cannot take place this year due to the pandemic, we wanted to at least offer our audience a few exciting experiments online,” says Justus Notholt.

The success from 2020 was immense: the experiments from the 2020 advent calendar have been watched over 1.7 million times. As a result, the teams led by environmental physicist Justus Notholt and the chemist Stephan Leupold again created a digital natural science advent calendar. Every day from December 1 to 24, you could watch an experiment on the YouTube channel of the University of Bremen. The scientists and their teams presented 24 new experiments from the fields of physics and chemistry.

“For example, we’ll be showing a stumbling sponge, an imploding beer barrel, secret scriptures, burning aluminum, and optical illusions. We hope the audience - big and small - enjoys it!,” exclaims chemist Stephan Leupold.

Of course, you can still watch the exciting videos on the Youtube channel of the University of Bremen (German only).