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Studying abroad

Planning to go abroad?

Before you start studying, please think about whether studying abroad could be an option and plan your stay abroad in time. Preparation time can last about 9 until 15 month becaus

  • in many universities you have to apply one year in advance.

  • you have to prepare all documents for your application ,

  • a dmissions for scholarships and support programmes often uptake more than 1.5 years in advance.

  • y ou have to be prepared for language tests and entrance examinations.

When is the right time?

  • Studying abroad is possible after the 3rd semester of the bachelor program. You have to prepare and plan this already during your first semesters. We recommend the 5th or 6th semester for a stay abroad, i.e. for writing your bachelor's thesis.

  • When elected study courses are to be deepened, we recommend going abroad during the master. At that time, you have a good overview about your specialised courses and you can select your host university to your own requirements.

What language skills do you need?

  • Good language skills are one of the requirements to study abroad. Many host universities and supporting service organizations expect proved language skills.

  • If the language of your favorite country still sounds unfamiliar to you, you have the possibility to attain the required language skills by planning it well in advance. The Language Centre (SZHB) offers courses in more than 20 languages. Some host universities also organise preparation courses during semester break.

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