Special appointees in FB2

Internationalization and DiversityDr. Kathrin Mädler, Dr. Ute Meyer
ERASMUS BiologyDr. Ute Meyer
Bafög [state student grant] BiologyProf. Uwe Nehls
Bafög [state student grant] ChemistryProf. Ingo Eilks
TransferDr. Kathrin Mädler
AlumniProf. Kai Bischof
LibraryProf. Boris Nachtsheim
Women's affairs

Dr. Annette Peter
Postdoc Research Group Kirstein (Cell Biology)

Dr. Andrea Krause
Postdoc Research Group Reinhold (Microbiology)

Svenja Bremshey
PhD Student Research Group Masseck (Synthetic Biology)

Susana Simancas
PhD Student Research Group Wild (Marine Ecology)

Faculty Appointee for Research (Research Funding Committee for Natural Sciences and Engineering (BFK NaWi))Prof.Olivia Masseck, Prof. Tillmann Harder
FB2 representative for GBA-DiMePädProf. Uwe Nehls
FB2 representative for GBA ProMatProf. Anne Staubitz
FB2 representative for Tenure BoardProf. Jens Beckmann
FB2 representative for "Nachwuchskommission"NN
Protection of animalsPlease contact Office of the Dean