Main fields of research

Application-oriented research in the field of multilevel systems and the federal system of Germany in particular. The research areas are based on the fiscal federalism theory as well as tax policy and financial policy. Thereby, research findings are processed for economic and financial policy recommendations in the context of sientific policy advise in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

A research focus are the financial relations between the Federation and Laender on the basis of constitutional financial provisions in Germany. Therefore, research focusses on fiscal externalities and internalization strategies in multilevel systems in general and special characteristics within the German fiscal equalization system (e.g. Embedding of "City states" in multilevel systems; Urban-Rural-Relationships). A curent main research field is the implementation of "Smart City" concepts in the context of Laboratory Federalism and institutional frameworks to internalize learning externalities or knownledge spillovers within the multilevel system.


Political consulting

Based on application-oriented research, scientifically well-founded advisory services for economic policy-makers are provided by analyzing the federal structure of Germany.

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