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Summer School

International Summer Forum "Green Economy" 2018 in Kyiv

The International Summer Forum "Green Economy" 2018 takes place at Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU) from 30th to 31st of August. Researchers and students are welcome to participate.

In the course of the research and teaching cooperation with the department of finance of the Kyiv National Economic University, bachelor students from "BWL" and "Komplexes Entscheiden" may take part in. Inquiries concerning general conditions, examination requirements and further informations can be addressed to Leonie Backeberg.


AG Finanzpolitik und Gäste aus Kiew

Visit from Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU)

In the course of the research and teaching cooperation with the Department of Finance of the Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU), Ass. Professorin Dr. Hanna Kotina, Ass. Professorin Dr. Maryna Stepura, doctoral candidates from KNEU (Nataliia Volkovska, Nadiia Konashchuk, Yevhenii Tilichenko), Professor Dr. Andreas Knorr und Lia Khatiashvili (Chair of economics, especially Economic and Transport Policy of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer), Sandra Luttermann (Doktoral candidate at the chair of Logistics Management at the University of Bremen) as well as researchers from the Research Unit III: Regional Development and Fiscal Policy (Leonie Backeberg, Antje Bollen, Alexandra Döring, Julia Fischer, Kristof Kanzler und Manuel Cordsen) took part in the Workshop „Comparative Analysis of Infrastructure Policy“ from 6th to 8th of June 2018.

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Rudolf Hickel

Challenges for Politics and Economic Sciences in the 21st Century

On thursday, 4th of May 2017, a conference in honour of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hickel's 75th birthday takes place at the Haus der Wissenschaft.

The one-day conference should address the issue of requirements regarding political decisions and economic research within a changing environment in consideration of new challenges. In addition to Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hickel (iaw and University of Bremen), Prof. Dr. Peter Bofinger (Council of Experts and University of  Würzburg), Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (DIW and Hertie School of Governance)  and many others will participate.

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