Examination regulation

General information on the Bachelor examination regulation


The examination regulations provide an important orientation during your studies. They regulate the BA program’s scope and content, its requirements and the correct examination procedures, including the final examination.

These rules are included in two sets of examination regulations:

  • in the general part of the BA examination regulation (AT BPO) of the University of Bremen
  • in the discipline-specific examination regulation of the BA  European Studies


The general part of the examination regulations of the University of Bremen applies to all BA programs of the University. At the moment, the 2010 provision is in force. Since the BA programs of different disciplines follow different logics, each department may regulate their specificities through discipline-specific examination regulations.

However, the general rule is that the general part of the examination regulation defeats the discipline-specific regulations in case of discrepancy; hence the discipline-specific regulations may not contradict the general part of the examination regulations of the University. Nonetheless, the general part explicitly establishes that some aspects must or should be regulated in the discipline-specific parts of the examination regulations.

Students should therefore consult the general part first. Many questions, e.g. about the scope of their studies, the admission to examinations, or the scope of the BA thesis, are answered there.

When it comes to discipline-specific issues, students should consult the discipline-specific examination regulations. These regulations establish for instance which modules are obligatory and how many credit points can be obtained through elective courses.

The constant development and improvement of a program brings about regular changes in the examination regulations, hence the existence of several examination regulations. Please always check which specific examination regulation apply to your case. If you have doubts, you can ask the ZPA for assistance.

    Archive of the examination regulations:

    Here you can find the old examination regulations as well as those currently in force:  BPO-Archiv