StugA (student representatives)


We, the StugA IES, are the elected student representatives of the BA Program European Studies.

What is the StugA?

The name StugA has its roots in the history of the University of Bremen as a reformed university, when StugA officially stood for “Studiengangs-Ausschuss” (BA program committee). The StugA is comparable with the student representatives (Fachschaftsräten) of other universities. In contrast with the designation of a committee, we consider ourselves more like active students. We are the main contact persons for students of European Studies, we voice their concerns and facilitate communication between students and instructors. A crucial part of our work is participating in university meetings, e.g. commissions of study and examination boards.

What are our goals as active students?

Our main goal is the improvement of the communication between students and the StugA as well as between students and instructors. We also take active part in the internal politics of the university. Finally, we assist new students during their first orientation period in the university.

In order to realize our role as contact persons for the students of European Studies, we make use of the online platform Stud IP.  You can find the StugA here among the events (Veranstaltungen) under the headline “StugA Integrierte Europastudien B.A.”. This provides us with an important communication platform to inform students about current relevant topics and events of the University or of the BA program. Moreover, students can also communicate their concerns to the StugA via Stud IP.

With the help of this website we want to put ourselves at disposal of future IES students and present ourselves as integral part of the BA program European Studies.

We are happy to answer any questions from the perspective of the StugA and provide you with a first impression of the BA program. With this aim, we have created an email address.

Our StugA email contact: stug_iesprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Your StugA