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Ansicht Tschernobyl

Does atomic energy have a future in Europe?

On March 11th, 2021, Heinrich Böll Foundation Bremen together with the Young DGO Regional Group Bremen (which is co-run by Mod-Block-DDR project members Dr. Mariia Shkolnykova, Mareike zum Felde and Olga Masyutina) organized an online event about the future of civilian use of atomic energy in…

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MDR Podcast "Jahre nach dem Umbruch im Osten"

MDR-Podcast on the German Economic and Monetary Union in 1990

Mod-Block-DDR organised a panel discussion on economic and monetary union at the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of German unity. Participants and experts in economic transformation discussed successes achieved, mistakes made and useful lessons learned. The moderator Ine Dippmann (MDR) has now…

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Bild der Teilnehmenden im Online-Modus

Reading and contemporary witness talk on "Madgermanes

It is a rather unknown chapter in the history of the GDR: More than 23,000 contract workers from Mozambique worked in agriculture, industry and handicrafts in the GDR for several years from 1979 onward on the basis of a bilateral agreement between the two socialist countries. However, their…

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Lecture by Jutta Günther in the House of Science

On November 7, 2020, Jutta Günther gave a lecture at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen to present research results from the joint project Mod-Block-GDR to interested citizens.

Due to the pandemic situation, the lecture was recorded and is available to all interested parties: https://www.hausderwi…

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New publication on the entrepreneurial habitus of East Germans for the Deutschland Archiv

Jarina Kühn, Anna Steinkamp and Anna Schwarz working in the Mod-Block-DDR Research Association have written a new contribution on the entrepreneurial habitus of East Germans before and after 1990. They consider the controversial question in the literature as to the extent to which entrepreneurial…

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Mareike zum Felde auf dem Podium

Public discussion "Poland - A state under the rule of law in danger?“

The Civic Education Forum Lower Saxony of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a discussion on current political developments in Poland in the Zollhaus of Leer on October 7th, 2020 with the participation of Mareike zum Felde.

PD Dr. Kamil Marcinkiewicz from the University of Hamburg introduced…

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Silicon Wafer

Research Report: Universals of Innovation - Invention and Technical Progress in the GDR and its role after 1990

In the research project "Modernization blockades in economy and science of the GDR"(Mod-Block GDR) Jutta Günther, Ann Hipp and Udo Ludwig analyzed the patent data of the GDR in comparison to the Federal Republic of Germany and present some surprising findings: Since the 1960s, the GDR, like the FRG,…

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Series of Events: The long Way from East to West? 30 Years of German Unity

In cooperation with the Research Centre for Eastern European Studies (FSO), the Bremen team of Mod-Block-DDR is organising the series of events "The long way from East to West? 30 Years of German Unity".

A rich mixture awaits you with discussion events, readings, lectures as well as film and…

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Young female scientists found regional group of the German Society for Eastern European Studies in Bremen

The application for the establishment of a regional group of the German Society for Eastern European Studies (DGO) on the initiative of young women scientists from the Mod-Block-GDR project was successful, so that the regional group in Bremen will start its work. The DGO provides financial support…

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Mod-Block DDR starts online colloquium

Making a virtue out of necessity: Mod-Block-DDR online colloquium in the summer semester 2020

The past semester was marked by the outbreak of the coronavirus and posed challenges to the Mod-Block-DDR project team as well. In order to maintain communication within the research association despite contact and travel restrictions, an online colloquium was set up for the project team. The aim of…

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Press release

Hurdles to modernization in the science and economy of the former GDR and their consequences in the transition to the Federal Republic of Germany: This is the topic of a collaborative research group led by Professor Jutta Günther in the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics.

A coup for Jutta Günther, Professor of Economics, Innovation and Structural Economics at the University of Bremen: Her proposal for a research project that seeks to close the gaps in our knowledge about the former GDR has been approved at federal level. The German Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project with three million euro over the first four years. Jutta Günther works closely together with the Research Center for East European Studies at the University of Bremen as well as the Technical University Berlin, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).


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