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The shipbuilding expert and former Bremen State Councilor of the Department of Economics and Ports spoke to more than 70 participants at the lecture event "Dance with the volcano - the East German shipyards and the Bremen volcano" on January 28, 2021. Previously, the Weser Kurier reported: Bremer Vulkan - "Money has been enough".

It is a story that is still controversial today: The Bremen ship building company “Vulkan” participated prominently in the privatization process in East Germany with the support of EU funds. The then CEO Friedrich Hennemann was thus able to realize his vision of a large maritime group. In addition to the GDR shipyards in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund, several West German companies were also on the shopping list. The Bremen Vulkan went bankrupt in 1996, 25 years ago, causing a drastic structural crisis for the regions affected. Many disappointed people stood outside the shipyard gates in both East and West. Committees of inquiry at the federal and state levels dealt with the Vulkan case.  The legal disputes ended with a settlement in 2010. The structural economic challenges persist.

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MDR Podcast "Jahre nach dem Umbruch im Osten"
Mod-Block-DDR organised a panel discussion on economic and monetary union at the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of German unity. Participants and experts in economic transformation discussed successes achieved, mistakes made and useful lessons learned. The moderator Ine Dippmann (MDR) has now published a concise and entertaining radio report that was broadcast on MDR's news radio on 14.12.2020 and is permanently available.

We warmly recommend this podcast, especially to listeners who find the more than one-hour discussion too lengthy. It captures the voices of Christa Luft, Johannes Ludewig, Rudolf Hickel and Udo Ludwig in a representative way. The lively and controversial discussion is brought to the point. All this is commentated by music from the late 1980s and early 1990s and thus enriched with the former atmosphere and further perspectives.


Listen to the podcast on MDR Aktuell [in German]...

On the occasion of "30 Years of German Unity" Jutta Günther and Ann Hipp talk to Kai Uwe Bohn, editor of the university magazine "Update" about the research project "Mod-Block GDR", which deals with the modernization blockades but also the achievements of technical progress in the GDR. Click here to go to the article...

The project, in which four universities and numerous social science and humanities disciplines are involved, spans the arc from the past (GDR) to the present of the East German states. It aims to close gaps in knowledge about the GDR and to help explain the persistent structural inequalities between East and West.

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