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What is the objective of the project?

The overall objective of the joint project is to identify the obstacles to modernization in the state socialist economy and science system of the GDR, to analyse their effects on the past real economic development as well as the impact on socio-economic disparities between East and West Germany until today. The empirical analyses will include inner-German comparisons as well as comparisons to neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The structural and methodical working goals are to scrutinize the complex cause-and-effect context between the obstacles to modernization and the current socio-economic disparities. Within seven sub-projects, the real appearance of the obstacles to modernization and socio-economic disparities will be analysed interdisciplinary and with a methodically pluralist approach. Besides the macro level, the joint project will also consider the system related orientation of single actors at the micro level. The latter were of particular importance after the system change when it became necessary to develop creative entrepreneurial actors out of the formerly restricted players.

Which disciplines are involved?

The joint project with its interdisciplinary program will close research gaps about the emergence and long lasting effects of the obstacles to modernization. For the first time, a long term (up to six years) project will combine historic, sociological, political science and economic expertise to achieve the above mentioned objectives.

How long will the project run?

The joint project will initially last from December 01, 2018 to November 30, 2022. After a positive evaluation in the fourth year, the funding will be extended for two additional years until November 30, 2024.

Contact Person

Jarina Kühn

WIWI 2 Gebäude, Raum 2120
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66637



Short discription of the project Mod-Block-DDR

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