Research consortium Mod-Block-DDR enters 2nd round

The research consortium "Obstacles to Modernization in the Economy and Science of the GDR " (Mod-Block-DDR) will continue to be funded by the BMBF with 1.2 million Euros until 2025.

The overall objective of the research consortium is to identify the state-socialist modernization blockades in the economy and science of the GDR, to analyze their effects on the past development of the economy, and to show their influence on the socio-economic disparities between the old and new federal states. The findings of the 1st funding phase reveal that the barriers to successful modernization can be divided into four groups: external, material-technological, organizational and political-ideological. They did not act independently of each other, but were interconnected in a complex environment of policy constraints. To this day, this has consequences for economic and social development in the new federal states as well as in East-Central Europe. The 2nd funding phase will deepen the analyses of causes and effects of modernization blockades in the GDR.


We are pleased to continue the research activities in social, economic and historical research in five subprojects at the locations Bremen, Jena and Frankfurt/Oder from October 1st, 2023 and wish all participants a successful 2nd funding phase!