Annual meeting of the research network Mod-Block-DDR

On October 4, 2021, the scientists of the research network Mod-Block-DDR met to present their ongoing research work of the seven subprojects and the cooperation project, to exchange information about the successfully concluded conference in Gdansk in September 2021 and the planned conference in Bremen in December 2021, to discuss data projects (Open Data) as a contribution of the network to the scientific community, and to exchange information about possibilities of the network to consolidate the work at the different locations.

Mod-Block-DDR is a research consortium involving about 30 scientists at four university locations in Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt/Oder, Jena) and at locations of the cooperation partners (Bydgoszcz, Montreal, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw). The research is dedicated to investigating the causes of the socio-economic disparities between East and West Germany that persist until today, as well as the role of science and innovation under state socialism, during the transformation period, and today. The interdisciplinary network started its work on December 1, 2018 and is funded by the BMBF in the first funding period until November 2022. The research consortium is particularly engaged in promoting young researchers.

Einladung zum Konsortialtreffen